Fight or Flight or Faint

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Fight or flight is a function of the autonomic nervous system.  My autonomic nervous system is confused and faulty.  A few days ago I was outside working to clean the garage with Tom and Carter.  I did a few trips on the stairs taking things to the basement.  I came back out to the garage and rested a bit before moving over to the deck to move the chairs.  I picked up one and got stung by a yellowjacket that was underneath the arm of the chair.  I walked back into the garage to go inside and get ice.  I made it two steps into the garage before I realized I was going to pass out.  Thanks body!  Sudden sharp pain tends to confuse my autonomic nervous system and can cause a drop in blood pressure quickly.

I made it to my wheelchair and rested until Tom could get me inside and into bed.  As he lifted me into bed Carter turned on my oxygen and grabbed me a Gatorade.  In reality, this wasn’t that big of a deal, but I was pretty sick for several hours and didn’t leave bed.

Just a little glimpse into the fun and surprises of life with POTS.

I’m super blessed to have my men.

In Other News

Guess who paid off her heart monitor bill from September, 2015?!

Image result for rolling in money meme

That’s right, I’ll be rolling in the dough soon.  Or, you know, just paying a different medical bill.

Summer is Here

So far with the change from Spring to Summer my body has not been handling very well.  I know summer is going to be a bit rough, but I’m hoping I can slowly start to take strides to be able to achieve some physical activity again.  Yesterday we walked to the mailbox and back and today I did the recumbent bike for 5 minutes.  Baby steps, right?

Image result for baby steps what about bob

Name that movie referenced in the picture above!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.  I’m off to go read some stories to my favorite little kiddo!




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