Our Little Farm is Growing

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Since the first time we looked at chicks I have wanted ducklings.  They are stinkin’ adorable.  Tom has always said no.

Sadly our chickens didn’t make it much into the Fall.  They ‘went to live on another farm’.  Or maybe they were dinner for a coyote or a hawk.  Either way, we only ended up getting around 6 or 7 eggs total from our first four chicks we got last spring.

A couple days ago Tom told me that he had got four presents for me.  I couldn’t think of what they might be.  Yesterday I was told it was the day of the present getting.  I was too sick to ride in the car down to town to pick up the mystery gifts.  Tom said if I could feel up to it to try to be outside when he and Carter got back from town.

I gathered some water and went outside to sit in the shade.  Then I took a break to throw up.  Then I went back to my chair to eagerly wait!

They pulled up and he told me to go out back and see if I noticed anything different.  I saw right away that the chicken coop was moved over by the goat pen.  Tom came through the door with two hens.  Then Carter came out with another box… DUCKLINGS.

lucy and ethel

The poor chickens had a bit of a rough life before arriving at our farm.  Tom said not to expect them to lay eggs for a couple days due to stress.  Today we got two eggs! I think they approve of their new farm.  So much room for activities!

Image result for so much room for activities

The hens aren’t officially named yet, but the ducklings are Lucy and Ethel.  I’m already in love.  Our hens have already laid almost as much as our other chickens did total!  I’m excited and very happy with all my new girls.

henny pennys

One more pic of the baby girls (hopefully).

lucy and ethel 2



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