Special Request- Spring Scattergories

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The Brain Gym

Alright Michaela, you asked and here it is.  Just for you and your work buddies!

SPRING is finally, FINALLY, finally, finally here!

Since you prefer the Scattergories where each answer starts with the last letter of the previous answer, we’ll do it that way.  For the first response, use the first letter of your middle name.

All Things Spring

  1. Your favorite spring flower. Heather
  2. Your favorite activity for outside in the rain. Running (well it used to be anyway)
  3. Best Spring break destination: Galapagos Islands
  4. The first thing you plant in your garden: Squash
  5. The cutest baby animal born in the spring: Hare
  6. The best item to find on sale during springtime is: Easter decorations
  7. The best activity for a sunny Spring day: Sweeping the driveway (just ask Tom; it’s his favorite)
  8. The exercise program you start up in Spring when you remember that summer is next: Yoga
  9. Your least favorite spring cleaning task: Atop the cupboards
  10. The very best thing about Spring is: SUNSHINE

Ok, for some reason that was a tricky list to come up with!

Today is game 5 in the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Ottawa Senators series.  GO PENGUINS!



  1. madrenellie says

    Number one alyssum number to making umbrellas from my jacket number 3 tropical island number for deer number 5 red roses number six sunbathing number seven golf number eight filling flower boxes number 9 Sun

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