My Coffee Bar- Including a How-To DIY Photo Transfer Onto Wood

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Welcome friends.  I told you I had been working on a project.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy making décor for my new coffee bar.  This area had previously been a place where random papers and garbage and tools and mail and everything else collected.  Now it is a beautiful coffee bar, not to mention I have more counter space too!

Ok, onto the pictures.

coffee bar 1 edited

First I did a fun coffee painting that would be a focal point on the wall.  Here’s a closer look at it.  It’s not perfect, but there are parts I really love.  Look at those lips.

coffee bar 10

Then I found a favorite coffee quote and whipped up a little wood burning.  I added some glitter Washi tape to fancy-it-up.  If you want to know the magic to super easy wood-burning, click here to check out the how-to post I made.

coffee bar 3 edited

Finally, I found vintage/retro coffee signs that I loved and saved the images to transfer them onto wood.

Here’s how cute they are.  I’ll show you how stinkin’ easy they are to make.

coffee bar 5 edited

Start out with your sanded surface.  I like these cute little wood shapes that are available for less than a dollar at Wal-Mart.  I like a fun color background so paint that first.  After it is painted and dry then you can do your photo transfer.

First, pick whichever photo you want to use and flip it horizontally.  The easiest way to do this is to insert the image into a Word document.  Then, click on the picture and in your toolbar you should see a rotate button.  Click on that and choose flip horizontal.  This makes it so that when you apply the transfer, the image will be facing the correct way and not backwards.

flip horizontally

Now, in order to easily transfer the image it needs to be printed onto Freezer paper.  The way I do this is to cut freezer paper just a bit smaller than the size of the paper and tape it down onto printer paper very well.  If the printer grabs an edge of the freezer paper it will distort and mess up your image, which is a huge waste of ink.

Tape it down well (shiny side up) and then load it into the printer so that the image will be printing onto the shiny side of the freezer paper.

Size it up carefully to make sure it is the size you want and print it out.

Now carefully place it facedown onto your wooden surface just once (it can blur and smear if you put it down and pick it up and re-place it over and over) and immediately hold it in place while you tape it down.  Again, tape it down in several places.

coffee bar 7

Now, use a large spoon to rub transfer onto the wood.  Go over all parts back and forth multiple times.

coffee bar 8

Now in-tape only one corner and slowly pull up the freezer paper.  As you go, make sure that the image is transferred well.  If any parts are not well transferred, put the paper back down and rub over it again.

coffee bar 9

It’s as easy as that!

coffee bar 2

As for the other fun little decorations… I got these fantastic floral canisters from auction and the colors make me so happy.

coffee bar 6

Oh and the little tiny red stool is from Hobby Lobby.

This shelf was black, but I repainted it a brighter color.  The little treasure on the left is a box from a single coffee cup maker from World War II and I got it from an auction.  The coffee can on the right adds a fun pop of color and I picked it up at a barn sale.

coffee bar 11

Next, I took a plain glass milk bottle and decoupaged it with lots of used stamps from all different years.  I got all of the stamps from a barn sale for $2 and had fun picking my favorites to use.  I just like the look of some one-of-a-kind decorations.  Plus I enjoy the variety of colors against the brown wall.  I threw in some coral colored flowers from Hobby Lobby.

coffee bar 12

This is one of my very favorite photo transfer pieces just because I love the Johnny Cash and June love story.  Tom happened to mention them in his vows to me so there is a little extra special meaning there for me, but this answer to the question of his definition of paradise is just a favorite.

coffee bar 4

That right there, is my new fancy coffee bar.  What do you think, y’all?  Do you want some coffee?  Does this post make you thirsty?

Are you busy looking for where you are going to make your coffee bar?













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