The Little Moments All Add Up

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Ah, today.  Let me walk you through my day and show how all of these seemingly tiny moments can add up to cause a problem.

First up.  I had a doctor’s appointment at 2:30.  One of those ‘your appointment is at 2:30, but be here at 2:15 to check in because most people are late even though you have never been late’ kind of appointments.

I showed up at 2:11.  My official appointment time was 2:30.  I was called back at 2:55.  I was out of the office scheduled and done by 3:06.  The doctor was in my room maybe 45 seconds to a minute.

As I sat in the waiting room I got more and more frustrated and annoyed.  I know it sound ridiculous (and it totally is), but sitting in full clothing in a doctor’s waiting room super duper wears me out.  As I sat there though I gave myself a pep talk to not be rude or snippy with the nurse, as it was probably not her fault.  I reminded myself to not be rude to the front office staff (although they are the worst front office staff ever.  I’m serious. One time I had Tom meet me on a break at the end of his shift there and the front office lady told him to sit down, he said he would stand, then she actually tried to argue with him about how he needed to sit down.  It’s impossible if you are Hulk-sized with a gun belt to even fit in those stupid front office chairs anyway, but why fight with him?).  Either way, I remembered to not be rude since I didn’t know who was really to blame for the lateness.  Once upon a time I worked in the front office of a medical office and I was to blame for lateness maybe 1-2% of the time.  Of course I was super efficient.  😉  But still, since I didn’t know if it was the scheduler, the nurse, the doctor, or even a patient earlier in the day, I reminded myself to be kind to everyone.

I finally got taken back and was sweet at sunshine as I told the nurse why I was there to be seen.  I explained that I just needed a refill of my medication and that my regular doctor was out on maternity leave.  Luckily since I had said the name of the condition earlier in the morning to my sister-in-law it magically appeared by my appointment time.  When the doctor came in I told her that she could do blood work if she wanted to check my met hemoglobin and she could biopsy the spot on my finger if she wanted, but I really just needed the medication refilled.  She said she would order bloodwork since it had been a year (for that office, of course I get blood work for each specialist on different schedules throughout the year) and that she would refill it and didn’t think a biopsy was necessary.  Great.  Any day where I can avoid needles and stitches is a good day.

She left and the nurse asked which blood test to run and I told her which panel and to include met hemoglobin.  Weirdly enough, I have to pay them later not the other way around.

I left, on to my next stop.  I had to stop for gas quick and the machine said to insert the debit card.  I did. I inserted it.  It just kept saying to insert the card.  I flipped it around and inserted it again.  No luck. UUUGH.  I had to walk across the parking lot and inside and then stand in a line and wait to pay for my gas.  To anyone else this would be mildly annoying, but to me this is just taking standing up moments off of my day.

As I approached the almighty Costco I thought to myself, Lord, beer me strength.

I parked and dug around to pull out my Costco card.  After showing it to an attendant who couldn’t possibly care less about the existence of my Costco card, I cruised on in towards the produce.

I gathered the necessary items as quickly as I could being careful to never move too quickly.  I gathered apples, cuties, pineapples, potatoes (which weigh about 60 pounds at least), strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, Brussel sprouts and salad mix.  I called Zurich to move money around then moved on to the next section.  I looked lovingly at the cheesecakes and kept on moving.  The chicken breasts we usually buy were $4 off so I grabbed a couple bags of those.  The Naked fruit juice bottles were also about $4 off so I grabbed two packs of those.  Nearing the end of my standing up time I placed a box of protein bars in the cart and hustled slowly up to the checkout stands.

By the time I made it to my car (in the disabled parking section) and unloaded my groceries I was drenched and dripping sweat.  I got on the road towards home as quickly as I could, essentially racing the clock.  I arrived home shaking, covered in sweat, and with a pounding headache.

I drank a bucket of water and Tom made me a drink after I yelled at him for putting goat food in the bucket that looks exactly like the goat bucket and is sitting next to it, but is not the goat bucket.  The man sensed my frustration with my day and made me a drink while he reminded me about what he did for me while I was gone.

Behold, this beauty.

hanging chair lounge

While I was leaving the produce department he asked which deck it was supposed to go on.  I explained the back deck.  He said of course since he had unpackaged it on the front deck.  He moved each piece one at a time to the back deck, dropping pieces on his feet the whole way.  The very last piece to go on the chair is the cushion.  Evidently the instructions for building the chair were wrapped in black mesh and inside the cushion of the chair.  He built the entire thing by looking at pictures of it on Amazon.  At the very last step he found the instructions.

So three cheers for that man.  He made me a grown-up beverage and put me in my hammock to relax.

After a simple day of doctor, getting gas, and Costco I am beat and sick.  If you need me, I’ll be in my hammock.





  1. madrenellie says

    Now this is the kind of trip I usually go along on. I know I can’t right now but you could have asked aunt colleen.


  2. Caroline says

    That hammock (and the view!) is amazing! Hope it helped you recover slightly x


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