Reporting for Leisure

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I did too many things for too many days in a row.  I’m now in the middle of several days with nothing planned and only rest.  Sometimes I forget that all little activities add up.  Going to my moms to hang out for a couple hours is the same as a workout to others.  Even just getting ready and meeting someone in a parking lot to buy or sell something is too much if I pair it with another activity, or two in a day.

I remember that now.  My muscles, joints, and bones hurt.  My brain has been fatigued.  My whole body has been extremely exhausted.  Therefore, resting is now what I’m scheduling.  I need to be more careful about my scheduling activities.  I think I got a good reminder this last week.

What else?

I am working on a fun project in my house and I’m super close to being done with it.  When I am, you know I’ll take a bunch of pictures and show y’all.  That’s my favorite part of finishing a project.

I have been spending time reading quite a bit lately.  I got hooked on the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series.  I finished the first book and I have just started the second.  I’ve also done a little painting and some cross stitch.  My quilt top is over half-way done so that is progress at least.  I hope it’ll be completely done by Fall when it’s chilly.

We’ve had a little bit of sun and I put my hammock out.  It is just as lovely as I remembered from last Summer.

On Saturday I had three events (which was much too much).  I did my hair and makeup though so I thought I better share.

hair pretty

This next picture is a much more accurate depiction of what I have looked like since Saturday and what I plan to look like for the rest of this week until my next doctor’s appointment on Thursday.

comfy with hero

What are all of you doing?  Keeping busy?  Relaxing a bit?  Hopefully no matter what you are smiling.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share my project soon!





  1. Excited to see what your new project is! I’m sorry you are wiped out from your activities. I imagine it must be so very hard to recognize those limitations. Hope you are able to give yourself the rest you need. You look beautiful, as always! Your hammock sounds dreamy.

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  2. Donna says

    Hey gorgeous lady i got a new puppy and have been over doing it with vet trips and up and down stairs for potty breaks so definitely need rest days before the weekend want to try a date night with other half been long time coming. Keep smiling you are superwoman ❤️

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