The Spring Standoff is Over

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You might remember when I mentioned that there was a bit of a standoff going on in my life.  You see, I told myself that I couldn’t get my hair done until I made and went to a dentist appointment.  I’m just not a fan of the dentist and I was pretty sure I was going to be told that I need my wisdom teeth out, which sounds like a total POTS nightmare.

Well, my hair was getting R-O-U-G-H, y’all.  So I finally made my dentist appointment.

I got a glorious shining review and an A+.  No cavities, happy gums, and minimal other issues.  I told the dentist when he walked in that I knew he was going to tell me that I needed my wisdom teeth out.  He told me right away that they tended to be more conservative with wisdom teeth removal.  We did some more x-rays and the dentist said I’m good to go, no big issues right now.  WOO-HOO!

More importantly, that meant I got to book a date with my hair girl!  She’s my favorite to hang with for a few hours and she always does such amazing work.

Check out this happy summer hair!

spring standoff 2

Look at all this purty color.

spring standoff

Last night we had some crazy stormy weather and this morning it tried to snow.  I’m over the snow, but I’m just fine with fun storms! I grabbed a few fun pictures to share.

spring standoff 3

spring standoff 4

One more.

spring standoff 6

I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday.  Tonight is the first game of round two in the Stanley cup playoffs.  GO PENGUINS!

Oh, and today is a special day for a few other reasons.  It’s my dog Sergeant Rowdy’s birthday.  Last year I wrote a blog and included some puppy pictures if you want to check them out.  Cutest puppy ever!  I’m sure there will be a birthday hamburger at some point today.

Next, it has officially been one year since we got our first two goats.  So I guess it’s our Goativersary (spell check is trying to tell me that is not a word, psssh).  We love you little entertaining goat girls.  If you’re new to my blog be sure to search goat to see some great videos.

Ok, I’m signing off to get ready for a busy day.  Come on body; work with me!




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