High Tea & New Piercings; Because I’m Eclectic

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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This

Two fun things to talk to you about today.

Yesterday we tried out a new tea house in town.  It also happens to be inside of my favorite vintage and antique boutique so it’s a fun combination.  Now, I’m not a big lover of tea.  If I’m going to have tea I generally prefer it to be from Long Island, and iced.  I also enjoy a fun experience though so a 5-course ‘two hour tea’ seemed like a fun afternoon.

The decorations inside the tea house are super fun and cute.  She hung up adorable embroidered handkerchiefs.  The walls are adorned with shelves and gorgeous tea pots all around.  I loved the chandeliers providing the light too.

la tea da 1

la tea da 2

Tables were set with teacups and saucers in a fun mix and match style.

la tea da 3

The first tea served was a Bourbon St. Vanilla, which was actually pretty yummy.  Another fun thing was that there were lemon heads on the table to put in the tea.

The first course was soup, which was a tomato basil.  It was served in a tea cup and quite yummy.

la tea da 5

Next up was my personal favorite, scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd.  I could have just eaten the whole bowl of lemon curd and been perfectly happy, but something tells me licking the lemon curd bowl is frowned upon in a tea room.

la tea da 6

Next up was the salad, which was strawberry and bacon salad with a poppy seed dressing.  While not my favorite salad, it was still very good.

la tea da 7

After the salad the tea switched to a Montana gold, which had a hint of cinnamon.  It was good too, but not as good as the vanilla.

Next up was the tiny sandwich course.  I’m always a fan of the tiny sandwiches.  When I was growing up we used to make tea sandwiches of different varieties all the time for fun.  Plus my mom used to make tea parties for us hockey sisters sometimes in the middle of a hockey weekend in Canada, because that’s the kind of mom she was (and is). I even found a picture for you.  Notice the tiny Canadian flags.

la tea da 12

la tea da 8

The varieties of sandwiches included tomato basil, cucumber, and chicken salad with grapes.  Yummy all around, although Aunt Colleen said she did NOT like the spinach on her tomato sandwich.  We told her it was basil.  It turns out she doesn’t like basil.

Next up was the final course.  The assorted desserts.  What fun.  The tray was beautiful.

la tea da 9

My plate was beautiful too.

la tea da 10

Tea parties are supposed to be about fun little details.  One of my favorites was probably this tiny display for each strawberry dipped in white chocolate.  How adorable.

la tea da 11

It was most definitely a fun afternoon and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoy a tea party experience.

la tea da 13

Next up in the weird combination blog of the day: New piercings.  I had been wanting this for a little while and decided to do it this last weekend.

hip piercing 1

They are microdermal piercings.  Let me tell you, they definitely hurt a lot more than my navel piercing, but I do think they are super cute and will be cute in the summer.  I also think it will make me want to show off my belly more, which will hopefully encourage me to tone more as I can and lose a bit more weight.  It’s really just a tricky mind game covered in sparkles.

Check out my cool bruising too over the days following the piercing.

hip piercing 2

It’s finally starting to heal up.

Fun fact: if you lay on the floor at the piercing place you will get a FREE Capri Sun.  The more you know.

In other news… this piercing did not go as well POTS-wise.  I’m really glad I brought a driver for this one.  I don’t know if it was the pain and then standing up or what, but I instantly knew I was sick.  I’m not crazy; it’s not like I looked while she was doing the piercing so it’s not like I saw blood and that caused it.  Either way, POTS did not agree.  By the time my friend was done getting hers though I was feeling much better and was able to walk to the car.

I went first for the piercing and was laying on the floor out in the store while my friend went for hers.  When she got back there she said, “that’s not the piercing really.  She just does that.  She passes out.”  The piercer looked somewhat confused.  My friend explained, “I realize that she just signed a paper saying she had no health concerns, but she does have an issue with passing out on occasion.”

Oops, did I forget to mention that?






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