Eye Exam Follow-up

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After my first eye exam (you can read about it here if you didn’t  read about it) and my baby ‘jumping to conclusions’ that i was going blind moment, I was a bit worried.  I was relieved to hear that the eye doctor could see me on Monday afternoon.

After doing all of the paperwork I got taken back for the preliminary eye test.  I assume this is similar to the nurse in the doctor’s office asking ‘why are you here’ before the doctor comes in to ask ‘why are you here’.  My favorite part during this segment was when she asked me, while writing in my chart, “Have you EVER had 20/20 vision?”

After I failed that exam I got moved back to the waiting room before being called back to the next exam room.  In came the doctor.  He was able to tell pretty quickly that what I have is autoimmune keratitis.  He said it is fairly common to develop it a few months after having pink eye.  It can be treated with steroid drops on a tapering dose (you know, prednisone style).

I asked if there were any serious side effects I needed to know about.  He said nothing too dangerous, but there is a chance that it can change the pressure in the eye so it was important to check the pressure to get a baseline so we can check again in a month.  In order to check the pressure of my eyes he had to put yellow numbing drops in my eyes.  Hero and I had matching yellow eyes so we had to take a selfie.


He mentioned the other little thing was that sometimes people mention a bad taste in their mouth.  I asked why.  Apparently tear ducts connect down to sinuses and can drain into the back of your throat.

How stinkin’ gross is it that I can taste something I put in my eyes? GROSS, but it also means my vision is hopefully going to clear up soon so it’s definitely worth it.  If you ever need to take these drops, put a cough drop or gum in your mouth before you put the drops in.  You’re welcome.

The name of the drops makes me giggle a little bit.


Sorry it took so long to give you this great news update.  I was busy resting and didn’t have the most amazing days health-wise, but great news, I’m not going blind!

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