My New Mobility Device; To Be MOBILE in the SNOW

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If you didn’t put that cryptic title together, I’ll help you.  We got a snowmobile.  Nothing fancy, just an old machine that works enough to haul us around.


That husband of mine is always looking out for me.  Yes some could see this recent purchase as a toy for him, but honestly he did get this for me to be able to get around a bit on our property in the snow.


With our newest purchase I can now go get the mail in the winter.  I can also make it up to the shop now too.  Another exciting part is that when the road to our house is completely iced over and can’t be driven on (like today for example), I can now take the snowmobile down to the other road to meet someone or take a vehicle we have previously parked down there.


This summer a golf cart is on our wish list so that I can get up to the garden, but that obviously won’t work in the snow so this was our winter solution.  I’m still working on the upper body strength to be able to start it myself.  Baby steps.


Yesterday we took a little ride up our road together.  We might have kind of rolled it… at about zero miles per hour.  It very much reminded me of the way Kevin James describes his jet skiing adventure.

We definitely did the whole ‘wipe out going zero’ thing.

Just wanted to keep you updated on our newest adventures!


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