Tuesday Things: The Twenty-First

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Tuesday Things

Oh hi friends; it’s Tuesday.  Here’s the weekly roundup of things.

Flamingo Lies; Damn Lies

I have recently seen this little picture floating around on the internet.  While I think it’s beautiful and magical, I thought I better fact check before I posted it up here on the blog.


Apparently it’s been confirmed to be FALSE.  Flamingo egg yolks are very similar to chicken yolks.  Also, young flamingos are not born pink in color because that coloring is obtained through diet.

Why someone made up this ‘fact’ I’ll never know.  Perhaps it’s an alternative fact (trademark pending).

The Importance of Understanding How Airbags Work

I may not know a whole lot about how airbags work, but I know that while they save lives, they can also cause injuries from smashing glasses and other items into a person’s face, chest and throat area.  The few pictures I’ve seen from my previous line of work helped to really drive that home.

Evidently, this person likes to live on the edge.


Kit Kat Mysteries

I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting facts that y’all need to know.  Do you know what is inside of a Kit Kat?


BBC recently reported that between the layers of wafer are ‘ground up Kit Kat’.  So then, we must ask now how the first Kit Kat was made?  I’ll leave you to ponder.

Which Person are You?

As I was reading local news stories the other day, I saw this headline.  I read through to see that the entire pizza call was a fake and the plan was already in place to steal the vehicle.


This is when people develop feelings and reactions to the story.  Which person are you?  Are you the one who worries about the local vehicle theft?  The person who is relieved that the driver is ok?  Or are you like myself and Justice Ward, only worried about one thing?


I wish I could tell you I was a better person, however, there is a woman out there who ordered no pizza and a pizza delivery man showed up with a huge order.  In my mind that is probably how an angel would appear.  Pizza in hand.

Disclaimer: I’m not into committing felonies, but if I’m going to steal a pizza delivery car, I’m going to do it while the pizza is IN the car.


Ok friends, that’s all I’ve got for you for today’s edition of Tuesday Things.  Go find something fun to smile about.

Stay Strong!



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