Genetics & Nutraceuticals Specialist Visit

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*I know this is long and super ‘big medical words’-y, but don’t worry I hid some jokes in here so it’s not completely boring.*

First off, I’m not a hippy.  Ten times out of ten I am more likely to reach for the Dayquil than the Echinacea.  In fact, my childhood best friend used to tell her mom that she believed Echinacea made her sick because as symptoms started arriving her mom always made her take Echinacea.  She proclaimed that since she always got a full-blown cold after taking it, that it caused her sickness.

Do I believe that specific vitamins and herbs can play a role in different conditions? Yes.  Do I know a lot about this? No.  Do I know a little about this? No.

I’m that person that would rather go to the pharmacy than the health supplement store.  I know that probably makes some of you cringe.  It’s just the way my mind works and the way I’ve seen the most improvement in the past.

I’m skeptical of magic herbs from far away places.

Do I think the pharmaceutical industry is evil, overpriced and teaming up with insurance companies to make crazy money off of all of us? Yes, but I’ve done six days without my medication and that was a very BAD six days.

Now that all of my core beliefs are out there in the open… today I saw a specialist in genetics and nutraceuticals.  That means he can name lots and lots of herbs off the top of his head and supposed benefits and side effects of each.  He also knows far more about the way studying genes can show how the body processes different medications and breaks down dopamine.  I think that might be a higher level chemistry and I want to take a higher level chemistry never.  So, therefore, I’m going to give him a chance.  Unfortunately, he has also never heard of POTS.

I always feel bad for new doctors when they get me:


I’ve said and heard the word ‘herbs’ enough today to warrant showing this clip.

At today’s visit we did the following:

  • Took a saliva swab for genetic testing.  Actually, he left the room to get the kit and came back with the great news that the lab in their office was actually changing providers for genetic testing so the representative was there right now in a meeting.  He came up and brought some nurses to watch a demonstration using me and my  beautiful cheek cells.  This testing will be able to show how fast I break down Dopamine, B9 and the way my liver metabolizes all of the different types of psychological drugs, which should show the best options for my body.  The test will also show how my serotonin transporter gene works.  The lab takes 5 days to get results.  I’ll go back in a week to meet with the specialist again and find out more words I don’t know probably.
    • Now it’s a party. P.S. See that paper there? Football plays for the Superbowl for sure.  Or genetic stuff.
    • genetics-party
  • Ordered a 24 hour urine test from a lab in Virginia to check for heavy metal toxins in the body.  Do I think I could have heavy metal poisoning? No, but in the game of POTS if you can find and treat whatever started the POTS, in most cases the POTS disappears.  So I’m willing to spend the 80 bucks and collect my urine.  Plus, it’s another thing I can hopefully rule out confidently.


  • Began the treatment process with Ashwagandha Root.  There are two types of herbs apparently.  Adaptive and Stimulant.  Adaptive will work better for me because apparently, over the period of months, it will slowly learn my immune and nervous system and start to increase my energy levels and reduce my fatigue.  It should help to stabilize and reduce my drops in energy.  Do I believe that a root from India can do this? No, of course not.  But of 2184 people in a test who reported side effects, none of them reported tachycardia (which is something I must avoid since I already have it).  Do I kinda wanna be the one in 2185 who gets tachycardia? Sure.  Just reminds me how very special my body is.  In all honesty, of all the herbs that have shown fatigue to be reduced, this is the only one that doesn’t have warnings about tachycardia.  Am I willing to pay the $19.99 to try it out? sure.  If my energy level goes up at all without any other horrific side effect, it’s a win in my book.  Plus, I just found an article that shows 7 amazing benefits of Ashwagandha:
    • Promotes graceful aging- thank goodness.  Obviously Jennifer Aniston and John Stamos use this.
    • Menopausal support- doesn’t really do much for me now.
    • Sexual potency- look out babe, I’m gonna be potent.  Start stretching now.
    • Memory support- helps me win Jeopardy more, check.
    • Revitalization- supposedly it is supported by scientific investigation. Hmmm
    • Mood booster- always a plus.
    • Fertility- whoa. ok, really it just says it will decrease stress and people who are stressed don’t get pregnant as easily.
  • Plus, if you look at it, it kinda looks like capsules filled with gold flakes.  Which, if that’s the case can’t I just drink Goldschlager? Or dirt. It looks like a capsule of dirtashwagandha-root-capsule

So, that’s how my morning went today.  Oh, and did I mention he has a therapy Falcon?  He does, Mr. Fritz.  Mr. Fritz had a dead mouse for lunch while I was there.  Well, he was given the mouse but then he couldn’t eat it in peace because he was paranoid that I would take it from him.  So he had to throw his wings out and turn around and glare at me multiple times to make sure I wouldn’t come steal his mouse.

Gross. Hope you’re all having a happy and healthy day!



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