American Housewife Wisdom & a Mini-Coma

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I’ve been quiet again.  I know.  Life has been feeling crazy.  I’ll try to catch you all up in this here handy dandy little blog post.  It might not even be little.  I won’t make any promises.

I was relaxing this week and watching American Housewife.  It’s a newer show with Katy Mixon; you might remember her as the sister from Mike & Molly.  She’s hilarious.  In this show she frequently ‘talks in her head’ while responding out loud with the appropriate response.  I very much usually agree with what’s in her head.

Anyways, I was watching this week’s episode about a snowstorm (which I can definitely relate to) and one particular part of it really struck me as noteworthy.

Watch, then I’ll tell you my thoughts.

So often people (myself included) get lost in this cycle and trap of ‘if only I was in perfect shape’ and ‘if only we had more money’ then everything would be perfect.  While the more we focus on those things, we’re missing the perfectness all around of us.

No, my husband isn’t into model trains and actually I like most of his interests, but the whole concept really just was a good reminder to stop and love the perfect all around.

Newest Health News

Next, I’ve joined a health and fitness challenge.  Due to POTS, I never really thought I could do something like this, but I’ve realized (all because of my husband constantly showing me and reminding me that anything can be adapted and modified to include me) that I can change this up enough that I can play along as well.  Look, I’m happy to be motivated enough to avoid extra fats, sugary desserts, and fast food.  Even that for six weeks would be an improvement.  Of course I realize that I won’t win this challenge, but it’s free to participate and really any progress will be exciting.

Here are my goals for this six week challenge.  I would like to log my food everyday.  I will drink coconut milk in my coffee instead of creamer (coconut milk is 20 calories for 1/4 cup, while the creamer I like is 35 calories for 1 tablespoon).  I will try to eat a good mixture of whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy calcium-filled dairy.  I will try to avoid desserts and unnecessary trans fats.  I will try to increase my working out and keep track of it.

Those are my goals.  As I’m writing this, it’s currently day four at 10:19 pm or 2219 to my L.E. friends.

Days one through three each included exercise and good food choices.  I was doing great.  I want to point out that I wasn’t trying to do any crazy workouts, just some of my physical therapy exercises each day.

Today my body made it clear that I tried too much too fast.


I took a shower last night (which was a victory) and then went to bed.  I tossed and turned and had a bit of pain (not workout pain- although I anticipate that is coming, POTS pain).  I got up around 2330 or 11:30 pm for my non L.E. friends, and took 1 sleeping pill.  Nothing crazy strength, just the over the counter Costco Sleep Aid.  I took 1.

I woke up today at 4:45 PM!!!!  That’s over 17 hours STRAIGHT I slept.  So, my body was apparently so completely overworked that it put me into a mini-coma.  Point taken.  I may have started out with a bit too much gusto.  Not to mention, the 17 hours were straight nightmares of running and screaming and passing out, etc.  At one point, while Tom was home from work and sleeping too I woke him up by screaming “SUBSTATION THREE!!!”

Sleeping for that long immediately reminds me of a Dane Cook comedy sketch, I’ve included it here for you to enjoy, but be advised there is ‘adult language’.

Sleeping 17 hours probably sounds like a dream to most of you and I agree, but in this life it’s a small problem for this body.  If one of you could swing by and throw an IV in so I don’t wake completely dehydrated, well that would be great.

So, I’ll be toning down my exercises, the three to four I do each day, and making sure I do consume enough calories each day too.  Tom reminded me while I was on my recumbent bike one day that the POTS guru doctor I saw at the University of Washington made it clear that I should work up to more exercise time slowly OVER YEARS.  That’s right.  I remember now.  This is a slowwwww process.

Sometimes life seems slow and sometimes life seems fast.  Ferris Bueller says it best though.


Take a minute and look around.

Hope you are all finding smiles out there!





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