Tuesday Things: The Twentieth Edition

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Welcome to Tuesday, friends.  What does this day hold for you? I see laundry, wheat bran, and a doctor’s appointment for sure in my day, but who knows what else?  It could be anything! The world is our oyster.

This Will Blow Your Mind


Friends & Home Alone Share History

What?  I saw a similar headline while scrolling the other day and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  If there’s one thing I feel like I know A LOT about, it’s the show FRIENDS.  Home Alone doesn’t fall that far behind.  Prepare to be amazed.

Remember in season 10 when Monica and Chandler buy a house?  Well, based on what we see in the background looking out the front windows, we can assume they somehow moved into the Home Alone house?  Even though they bought a house in New York supposedly and Home Alone was set in Chicago.  TV magic right here, people.

Craigslist Win

You know I love some Craigslist humor.  This one made me laugh out loud the other day while cruising on the internet.


I Feel Left Out

Well, apparently this happened last year?  Nothing like not being able to find googly eyes when you need them, right?


P.S. Now I have a photo saved in my blog folder named Reindeer Boob.  It’s a weird world we live in.

Ok, those are my Tuesday Things for your amusement.  I’m off to transfer the laundry and eat my wheat bran.  I’m hoping Mexican food finds it’s way to me somehow today.  🙂  Enjoy your day!





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