Sunday Scattergories: Bachelor Edition

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The Brain Gym

Ok. I don’t even feel ashamed.  I am sure I probably should.

The new season of the Bachelor starts tomorrow.  No, I don’t think it’s all real and not staged, produced, heavily edited one way or another, etc. But yes, it’s good entertainment and usually pretty funny.  So I watch.

Judge me if you must.  Or, join my Bachelor fantasy league online. LOL  My team name is Fake drama; Real humor.  Comment or message me if you want the password to join.

Anyways… let’s get to it.

Here’s a random letter generator for you.  Just press generate another random letter and then watch to see what you get.  I got V.  NOOOOO.

1. Fake career you might see on the bachelor: Velveeta Taster

2. Name that you could believe as a contestant: Velvet

3. Date activity you could see: Violin lessons (I believe it could happen)

4. Mode of transportation to take them on a date: Vespa

5. Nickname on of the girls could get from the others: VIRGIN

6. A group date activity: Volcano hike

7. A clothing item a contestant might wear: Veeery high heels (cheating a bit)

8. A sporting event the girls might compete in: Volleyball

9. An activity they might do at the house killing time: Virtual Reality

10. Location where the final rose might take place: Venezuela


Share your answers with me pretty please!



1 Comment

  1. madrenellie says

    I got H
    1. harbor host
    2. halageisha (seriously no one uses names anymore)
    3. hamburger flipping
    4. hot air balloon
    5. hottie
    6. hike
    7. high heels (2)
    8. hockey! I’d love to see that!
    9. hopscotch
    10. hotel


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