Cold Family Fun

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If you didn’t notice, I failed to do Sunday Scattergories on Sunday.  We were busy spending time with family at my husband’s family ranch.  Five days of gorgeous snowy views, playing games, delicious food, getting the tree from the timber property and setting it up (officially known as “Tree Night” in his family).

We had a nice relaxing time.  I chose some highlights to share with y’all.

I love this road trip crew of mine.  It consists of myself driving (don’t mind the stupid pink eye), the man coming off of a 12 hour shift and sleeping as much as possible, the kiddo full of excitement about going to Gran’s, and the snuggly dogs.



I love all the fun action shots of the dogs running and playing in the snow.





I remembered why I hate the game Monopoly, although found out that Carter is just as good as his daddy.  Gran in all her humor offered to send the game home with us, right after offering Tom a bucket of beans for lunch before getting into the car with me to head home.  Funny, funny.   I passed on the game.


When we went to get the trees, we had to take two vehicles.  One to go down into Horseshoe and get the tree and the other to stay up at the top in case the truck could not make it back up out of Horseshoe.  Since my hiking ability is very low, we were on the staying at the top crew.  I took so many gorgeous pictures.  I would share more, but I would like to think I’m going to paint some.  Here’s a picture of Fletcher and Carter getting ready to go down into Horseshoe to get the tree with Gran and Gramps.






Carter helped Aunt J check the light strings.  Tom put up the lights then decorating commenced.


Next, Gran brought out Christmas tree and ornament rice krispy treats that she secretly made while we were upstairs having quiet time earlier in the day.  It’s a good thing Gran never needs to sleep.


I just love this picture I snapped during ‘quiet time’.


Carter enjoyed sledding.  I really wanted to sled so Tom said I could go down the hill with Carter and he would bring the Jeep down to pick me up afterward.  You see, it’s not about ‘I can’t.’  It’s just about modifying activities.  I love that man.  Here I’m showing off my North Idaho fashion.  On the day we went to get the tree I believe it was a balmy 4 degrees, although I think it was negative numbers while we were eating breakfast and drinking coffee.


It’s all about layers.  I made Carter wear three pairs of pants for tree getting.

We truly had a wonderful trip.  Yes, I used my oxygen and yes I drank Gatorade and water like they were going out of style.  It was all worth the long drive and recovery though.  So many fun memories (monopoly is not included on that list), and so much yummy food.  Chips and dip, rice krispy treats, chili, potato soup, oriental salad, green salad, biscuits and gravy, chicken and dumplings and ice cream snow men!  MMMM MMMM.

Thanks for welcoming us into your home Gran and Gramps! We all had a great time.

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