Hockey, Teddy Bears & O2

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Hockey, the Other Best Medicine / Oxygen-y Stuff

Last night was the annual Teddy Bear Toss hockey game.  Luckily Carter’s cub scout group was going so we were able to go with them and get nice close seats.  (Side note: for a true hockey fan like me, I prefer to be much higher so that I can see both ends of the ice well and watch plays develop, but close is fun sometimes too.)

These games have fairly simple rules: as soon as the Chiefs score their first goal, everyone throws their teddy bears onto the ice.  All of the stuffed animals are then collected and taken off the ice.

The chiefs did just that.  Four minutes and one second into the game they scored a beautiful goal and it started raining teddy bears!


It was a bit of a bummer to be sitting in the lower section for the toss.  Being in the upper section means that you know you can’t make it to the ice, but you do have really good odds of hitting someone in the lower section.


There were five trucks filled up just like this one out on the ice.  They collected 5,869 teddy bears for charity.

The hockey was good.  We were tied and with one minute left in the third we scored again to take the lead.

As for me, I had done a live video for Chronic Illness on the Mighty earlier in the day and I was straight up pooped.  I took a small nap, but it didn’t even come close to restoring any energy.  If we wouldn’t have had Carter and had such a fun night planned, I would have stayed home for sure.

We loaded up the oxygen and off we went.  We took it into the game because we both knew I would need it.  I will be honest.  Using oxygen in public is not my favorite.  I always feel like people are staring at me.  I don’t know if they really are and I don’t know why I would care either way.  I realize that is silly.  I do usually try to avoid it though if I can.

Last night avoiding it wasn’t really an option. I was so incredibly fatigued and had lots of POTS symptoms.  I not only went out with my oxygen, but with my pink eye that wasn’t all the way resolved yet.  I didn’t have much self confidence with all of those things combined, but hey, I got to go.  I had fun.  I used my oxygen in public proudly.  It was a win in my book.


Today, my legs don’t really work and the pain level is pretty high.  Here are three happy things though:

  • Coffee with eggnog & Tom made a big yummy breakfast
  • We just watched home alone 2 with the kiddo- such a classic
  • Ugly Sweater party tonight at our favorite distillery

I hope you are all having a happy Saturday!  Tell me your three happy things about today!


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