Tuesday Things: The Seventeenth Edition

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Tuesday Things

Christmas Decorating

Are we having fun decorating yet?  It’s happening slowly, but surely here.  I’ll share pictures when we’re all done.


I do appreciate the creativity here:


And these here really speak to me for some reason:


Do You Love Pickles?

I found this to be fairly intriguing.  I’m a fan of pickles, but I don’t know that I’ve ever really hoped they were a candy cane flavor, but I’m willing to give it a try.  If anyone sees them available locally, let me know please!


Easy Gift Ideas

Do you need some fun and simple gift ideas?  I am always in the market for fun gift ideas.  Here are a few fun and easy things I found.







Plus, I enjoy the minimal wrapping for each of these fun gift ideas!

Reindeer Cookie Recipe

Do you have a gingerbread man cookie cutter?  If you do, you also have a reindeer cookie cutter.


Find the recipe here:


Happy Tuesday Friends!







  1. Our Walmart and grocery stores carry pickle flavored candy canes. Maybe yours will too. It has no mint flavor. It’s sweet and sour and dill flavor. Not bad if you like pickles. Loved your pics. My daughter is a telemetry nurse, she does the EKGs etc. so I’m going to show her the pic of the EKG garland. Maybe she’ll do that in her office! Great fun blog today hon!

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