Sunday Scattergories: Christmas Shopping

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The Brain Gym

It’s definitely time to be Christmas shopping.  I like when I usually have mine done by now.  I certainly do not this year.

Therefore, I have Christmas shopping on my mind.

Today for your letter, use this online dice roll.  Only you will know if you cheated and re-rolled.  I did it and got V, so you know I didn’t cheat because anyone with brain cells would re-roll that!

1. Someone on your Christmas list: Valentine (I buy Christmas gifts for my Valentine every year!)

2. A hand made item you could gift: Vest

3. Something you have laying around that you could re-gift in an emergency: Vase

4. Something you could make in the kitchen and gift: Vegetable beef soup

5. A stocking stuffer: Valium (I’m definitely kidding)

6. A store you might visit for shopping: Value Village (2 points, but maybe not the very best gifts)

7. A gift that is out of your price range: ‘Vette (sorry baby)

8. A gift you might take to a gift exchange: Vodka (we did just last night and it was stolen 3 times)

9. A gift you might take to a white elephant silly gift exchange: Visine

10. A gift you would buy for a child: Volcano science experiment

P.S. this whole list made me think of the Friends episode when Joey buys just the letter ‘V’ of the encyclopedia and is prepared for conversations, but Vesuvius and Van Gogh never come up!

As always, share your answers!


  1. madrenellie says

    1. Tom
    2. Tea towel (2)
    3. Tiki torch (2)
    4. Turtle candies
    5. Turquoise ring
    6. Target
    7. Trump tower (2)
    8. Trinket
    9. Tank top (2)
    10. Tonka truck (2)


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