What a POTS Crash Day Looks Like

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Sometimes people ask me what causes a ‘bad day’ or what that even looks like.  Occasionally it’s hard to explain why I can’t go somewhere or do something.  I thought I’d go through a little explanation of how this all goes down.

I slept pretty well last night.  Drank at least 6 glasses of water through the night.  We stayed up late-ish so I woke up around 11:30 or noon.

I got up, went to the bathroom and went out with the dogs to feed the goats.  We came inside and I mixed up my calcium magnesium and juice combo.  It’s not delicious, but I chugged it which meant that I could take my daily pills in 30 minutes.

I loaded the dishwasher and started a pot of coffee.  I went downstairs to transfer the laundry and came upstairs to rest.  Feeling a little rough I started the oxygen and sat down.  That’s a lie.  I bent over and tried to plug in my oxygen concentrator and somehow couldn’t do it right and was getting very hot so I had to ask Tom for help (warning sign one that I am starting to go downhill quickly).

My 30 minutes had expired which meant it was time for pills.  I drank a full glass of water and took my pills.

Tom made a delicious breakfast feast for us.  While I was eating I started to feel the “fuzzy and floaty” body feeling.  I know this sounds odd, but when I walk it’s like my head is moving at a different speed.  Everything is dizzy and blurry feeling.  This is the best way I can describe it.  It’s somewhat similar to being intoxicated and turning your head quickly (you know how it seems like your eyes take a second longer to catch up?)

Off to the bathroom I go for random explosive diarrhea.  I leave the bathroom and reach the couch just in time to turn around and go back to the bathroom.  Then comes the headache that accompanies dizziness.

I spend some time sitting on the couch drinking water and enjoying oxygen.  Here’s a sneak peak.  You don’t have to go to medical school to know this girl is sick.


Time to visit the bathroom again, unsure which end will be evacuating first.  That’s a fun game.

Back to the couch and now it’s time for salt.  While I could take a salt tablet and know that might help, it can also really up the nausea sometimes.  That’s a fun gamble.

I ask Tom to make me my go-to for these crash days.  Top Ramen and Gatorade.


If you wonder why I look perpetually bloated, it’s because my health depends on retaining salt on a regular basis.

At this point, I went to the kitchen to try to get something and stop to sit on my kitchen stool and eat a cookie.  I only managed to eat half because I kid you not, my arm hurt so bad holding the other half of cookie that I set it down on the counter and went back to the couch.

I can’t leave the house because I can barely make it to the bathroom much less put on clothes and get ready.  Not to mention my temperature is fluctuating between freezing cold and sweating like crazy randomly.  Oh and I have to be close to the bathroom because apparently today my body is not accepting food.

So, you tell me, what caused today’s crash?  Walking down to the laundry room or feeding the goats, two activities that I do regularly with no problems? Did I do too much yesterday?  Not drink enough water? Or is it completely random?

Feel free to share the answer if you have it.  I just wanted to take the time to explain a little bit about what a crash day looks like.  If I was a betting woman I’d go all in that I’ll be throwing up and tremoring before tonight is over and that if I stand for more than a quick bathroom trip, I’ll probably pass out.  I don’t share this little story to gain attention or sympathy, but rather to help raise awareness about why I sometimes have to cancel plans last minute.

Thanks for reading and cheers! (of Gatorade of course)

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  1. madrenellie says

    I hate when you are sickly and have bad days and go right to prayer, after I beat myself up over being such a bad mother. I gave my baby bad genes and can’t seem to cure her or help make her better in any way! Lol, but that’s my issue not yours. Please treat yourself gently. Thank you God for Tom and Amy’s love and care for each other. He does that best.!

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