Tuesday Things: The Sixteenth Edition

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Tuesday Things

I feel like I have a lot of fun things to share today!

Is Costco Slipper Time of Year Your Favorite Too?

Every year I buy a new pair of Dearfoam women’s slippers from Costco.  There is just something fun about a new pair of soft and warm slippers.  They are $9.99 and I feel ok with making that investment each year.  They come in solid colors and this fun pattern.  Oh, and the men’s Dearfoam slippers are only $7.99.  If you have anyone on your Christmas list that’s a bit of a mystery, I’m sure they love new slippers!


Kohl’s Early Black Friday, Buy 3 at $1.69 Each!


Let me explain the price breakdown:

Go HERE to choose any 3 appliances and add to your cart

On sale $21.99 each (Reg.$24.99-$39.99)
Use Promo Code SAVING15 for an additional 15% off
You Pay $56.07 + Earn $15 in Kohl’s cash
Then Submit your (3) $12 Rebates HERE = $36 back in rebates
Final cost after Kohl’s cash and Rebates = $5.97 for all 3!! = $1.99 each!!

Keep in mind that this deal is including the $15 Kohl’s cash as ‘actual cash’, but if you have anything else to buy from Kohl’s then the $15 Kohl’s cash would still go to good use.

This seemed like a pretty good deal so I figured I better share!

Dancing with the Stars Finale

Tonight the final three will be dancing and one will win the mirrorball trophy.  I’m rooting for James Hinchcliffe & Sharna, although I truly like each of the top three finalists.


Need a Fun Dessert Idea?

Look, I’m not trying to steal pumpkin pie’s thunder.  By all means get your Costco pumpkin pie.  But, want to try adding something new and different for after your Thanksgiving feast?  How about this?  Something tells me kids would approve too.


I hope you all find some things to smile about today.  Me? Tom made me a delicious breakfast burrito for breakfast and we got a delivery of gourmet cookies dropped off by FedEx this morning.  If today isn’t a good day, it’s my own fault.



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