Sunday Scattergories: Monday Makeup Style

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The Brain Gym

Well, we are out of town this weekend and for some reason I thought I could get away with skipping my Sunday Scattergories post.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy the challenge of putting these together, but we were focused on family things and I kind of thought no one would notice a week off.

How wrong I was.  By 8:43 this morning I had a scathing email waiting for me.

So, welcome to Monday Makeup of Sunday Scattergories Friends!

Today is Thanksgiving theme!

For the letter, let’s use the last letter of your last name as the first letter for all of your answers.

1. Something delicious you might eat on Thanksgiving: Stuffing

2. A game you might play: Scattergories!!

3. An activity that the natives and pilgrims did: Scavenge

4. A thanksgiving dessert: sundae

5. Somewhere you might go black Friday shopping: Sears

6. A movie you might watch with family: Santa Clause, The

7. Somene who comes to Thanksgiving dinner: Sister

8. Someone who still has to work on Thanksgiving: servant, public (is that cheating? Maybe a little)

9. Your favorite thing about Thanksgiving: Smell

10. Something you are thankful for: SMILES!

Ok, share your answers!



  1. madrenellie says

    1. Noodles
    2. ??
    3. Nature walk
    4. Neopalitan ice cream
    5. Nordstrom
    6 north by northwest ( 2)
    7. Neighbor (or nun for amy)
    8. Nurse
    9. Nuts and nutcracker (2)
    10. Nice people


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