The Great $150 Guestroom Makeover

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I recently decided that our guest room needed to transition from a sad and boring little room to a beautiful guest room.  Like most people, I didn’t happen to have a few thousand dollars laying around to hit up the Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.  A few thousand is probably a little on the low side of that estimate anyways.

I thought it would be a fun challenge to see just how little I could spend, while still ending up with an adorable and happy guest room.  As I move through this post I will provide links to individual tutorials that show in detail how to create specific project/decoration pieces.

Please feel free to comment or contact me with any questions or thoughts.  I’d be happy to provide insight and help out with any little projects you might be working on in your neck of the woods.

First let me share a few before and after pictures of the room.




Choosing a Color Scheme

If I want to make an accurate representation of price of room redecoration, I have to include the spray paint that I used for the majority of my projects.  For this room I wanted basically a country farmhouse color scheme.  These were my base colors I used for creating and choosing other items.


Paint- $25

$2 Cotton Boll Wreath


I think it adds some cute dimension and texture.  I used some crafts odds and ends that I had on hand and only spent an additional two dollars to make this fun piece.  Check out the tutorial here.

$7 Tri-Color Flower Wall Hanging

I absolutely love this fun way to add color and design to a room.  I didn’t include the price of spray paint in this project because I included it above.  If you haven’t invested in that, you will need to include that into the pricing for this fun item.  If you’d like to see the tutorial for this project, check it out here.


$27 DIY Rustic Windmill

This is one of my favorite parts of the makeover.  This particular piece is one of the most expensive elements, as well as cost me a little blood, but I still love it and I love what it adds to the room! For the tutorial, click here.  I should point out that I priced this originally at $27 because I bought $20 worth of metal for the blades, however the next week I got a large amount of metal from someone on Craigslist for free.  So, technically I spent $7 on this Windmill after returning the metal from Hobby Lobby, however if you are unable to find free supplies you will need to go the Hobby Lobby route, but make sure you utilize coupons!



I bought this lamp frame at a garage sale for $5.  It did have a hideous beaded ribbon around the top.  I ripped that off and put chicken wire around the frame to give it a fun farm look.  Oh, and when I went to buy chicken wire I learned that it is called ‘poultry netting’, which seems a bit pretentious to me.  Anyways, this is super easy just a bit annoying to work with the wire.

The string of lights on the headboard is just a cheap $3 string of white lights from Walmart.  I’m guessing there will probably even be a sale coming soon.



 $2 Large Wall Star & Arrows

These pieces are fun because they are crazy easy and so inexpensive.  Home Depot has a package of paint stir sticks that can be purchased for $0.99.  Yes, I realize that you can get them for free, but you know, if Home Depot goes out of business I don’t want to be responsible for that!  I don’t see a reason to do a tutorial on this one really.  I used a band saw to cut the stir sticks at an angle in pieces for the arrows.  Then hot glue and paint.  For the star I just laid it out in a star design and hot glued it.  I wrapped the ends with twine, although you could use yarn, ribbon, jute, etc.  You could paint your star any color of course.  The world is your empty canvas!



Door Headboard & Ladder Nightstand

These were essentially the building blocks for my makeover and two of my more-expensive items. I found the door on a shop and swap online site.  Because it had a large window with no glass she was asking $20 for it.  I asked if she would take $15 and she did.  I put chicken wire over the window opening.  I bought the old barn ladder from the same site for $10.  I won’t be providing step-by-step tutorials for these two elements because what I did was ask Tom if he could make the door be upright horizontally behind the bed and he did.  I know he built a stand essentially with 2×4’s and attached it to the bed frame.  For the ladder I had seen something similar online, but I wanted it to be better and include knotted ropes to hold up the shelves since the back of this ladder was not steps, but a cool X design.  Again, Tom made it happen.  If you have specific questions though, I’m sure that I can ask for ya!


Décor Variety

Yes, home décor things at Target can be fun, but I tend to lean towards items that have more of a history, whether I know what it is or I make it up.  Therefore, I enjoy barn and garage sales.  That, and I enjoy repurposing items and using them in different ways.  For instance, the nightstand on the far side of the bed in the guestroom is a Valencia Orange crate that I found at a garage sale.


Re-Using Old Decorations

I usually hang onto plenty of items that at one time were a decoration, but now live in a closet waiting for a new life.  For instance, the three silver buckets above the bed used to live in our bathroom at the old house and hold Q-tips.  Now they are an adorable flower display for the total cost of the $3 worth of artificial flowers from the dollar store.  If you love that display though, you can find that design and many others in the Ikea Kitchen Wall Storage section.

I also repurposed some old wall hangings that lived in my apartment 3 houses ago.  They were cute and added color and matched at the time.  They don’t fit with any of my décor now though so I spray painted over them with the green color, then the chalk paint and distressed some of the edges and corners then I painted a fun quote on each.  Easy as that!


Decorating the Ladder

I was very excited to find fun and unique items to display, but yet also leave room for guests to actually use it as a nightstand.  These are the items I decided to use to meet that purpose.

Starting at the top left, I have the cute little woodburned sign that I burned myself.  I found a random little scrap piece of wood and burned it with a cute quote.  Easy enough.  Beside it is a mason jar that I happened to have in the cupboard.  I wrapped it in chicken wire (poultry netting if you’re fancy) and I put two turkey feathers in the jar that I collected outside.  Hint, nature = free.  Next, I have the adorable little slightly rusted Idaho cookie cutter ornament.  I bought this at a fun salvage store, mostly because I don’t know how to make this and I really love it.  Yes, I admit I bought something from Walmart as a décor piece.  Here’s my justification, I can’t make that for seven dollars and it fit my theme.  Tom drank the cute bottle of Moonshine and I appreciate his continued support for my blog in any way possible!  The final product was a black pencil holder from the dollar store that I spray painted.


The Other Details

Here’s a fun fact: This right here is Tom’s favorite part of the whole room.  This silly random piece of wood I found outside and painted with this super simple Daisy.


Another detail that I think made a big difference was simply changing the curtain tie.  It was previously a red tassel tie.  Not that it was hideous, but it didn’t really match my new theme and color scheme.  I went to look in my ribbon drawer and found this burlap and coral lace ribbon.  The coral is the same color as the writing on the George Strait quote on the opposite wall.  I feel like it ties (no pun intended) it together well.

Here’s another fairly inexpensive way to freshen up a space.  Change out the outlet and light switch covers.  For these I removed dingy yellow-cream ish covers for a new and shiny brass look.

Spending a few dollars for this is completely worth it, in my opinion.

I had a couple galvanized buckets that had been used for ice and drinks at our wedding reception.  I used one of those to put a couple rolled up blankets in just to give it a finished look.


Additional Hints & Tips

  • Keep an eye on garage sales and local online shopping groups.  You may be able to find lumber and scrap metal for free or inexpensive. (Please be safe when contacting people of the internet!)
  • Also, check out local auctions in your area for cheap furniture and décor buys.  Again, remember that almost anything can be spray painted and given a new look.
  • Wander around and look for old décor that you aren’t currently using.  Can you use it as a base for something different?  Can you repaint it or recover it?  Break it down to use the lumber for something else?
  • Again, nature = free.  You can do a lot with pinecones, sticks and feathers.  Don’t believe me, check Pinterest.

Price Breakdown

  • Door for headboard & chicken wire = $21
  • Ladder & barn wood lumber = $21
  • Hanging lamp & string lights = $8
  • Paint $25
  • Windmill supplies $7
  • Cotton Boll Wreath $2
  • Garage sale and online finds $24
  • Dollar Store Flowers and pencil holder $5
  • Flower Wall Hanging $7
  • Paint Stir-Stick Projects $3
  • Light Switch & Outlet Covers $8
  • Walmart Crate box $7
  • Idaho Cookie Cutter $6

Total Price Spent out of pocket $144

I hope you enjoyed my Great Guestroom Makeover and got at least a few good ideas.  Again, please comment if you have any questions!









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