DIY $7 Tri-Color Flower Wall Hanging

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Welcome to a fun tutorial that gives you plenty of freedom to customize this décor piece any way you desire.

Pricing is hard, so please understand that I did a Great $150 Guestroom Makeover and included spray paint for the color scheme into that project, rather than trying to calculate a percentage of a can for each project, etc.  So for this estimate of $7 I’m assuming that you have some spray paint, as well as a hot glue gun and hot glue.

Ok, this is super easy.


  • 1 piece poster board
  • hot glue gun and hot glue
  • 6 artificial flower bouquets (dollar store)
  • Scissors


  • Go to a dollar store.  Buy yourself a piece of white poster board and about 6 bundles of artificial flowers.  For this you’re really looking for the type and shape as opposed to color since you are going to be painting over the colors.  *Note, I found that the flowers that are the most plastic-y worked the best.  The fabric type flowers took several coats of spray paint to cover.


  • I sat down with scissors to attempt to cut the flowers off of the stems.  After a few times doing that, I realized that it’s incredibly simple to just pull the flower itself straight off the top of the stem.  While you have the scissors out though cut the poster board to whatever size you want your wall hanging.


  • Hot glue flowers down covering up the poster board.  Mix up the styles and designs however you prefer!  Feel free to add in clusters of leaves too to fill up any empty space.


  • Lastly, spray paint your board however you prefer.  I used three colors, although you could use just one or two.


Once you’ve done a few coats and you’re happy with the coloring, you’re all done.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy décor project!






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