DIY $27 Rustic Windmill Wall Art

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Welcome!  I absolutely love this project.  It was fun, fairly simple and I love the end product.



  • sheet metal (I bought two 9.99 sheets from Hobby Lobby- don’t forget to use a 40% off coupon on one of them, but really any thin metal will work.  I have since picked up some free scrap metal off of Craigslist, so keep an eye out there too!)
  • 3 small wooden dowels (I bought these at Hobby Lobby for 1.39 each)
  • 3 gallon bucket lid (I bought this at Lowe’s for about 2.50)
  • gray spray paint or acrylic paint
  • cinnamon
  • dark brown/grey acrylic paint (I used burnt umber)
  • clear spray paint sealant
  • tin shears
  • any old paint brush
  • Drill and drill bit (dowel-sized)
  • Hot glue gun and glue



Step 1: cut your blades.  This is really however you want to do it.  If you want to measure and cut exact perfect blades, go for it.  Me, I purposely eyeballed it because I wanted it to look in-perfect.  I used my two craft sheets to make a total of seven blades.  While you’re at it, cut or bend and snap (not legally blonde style) your dowels in half too.


Step 2: Once you’ve laid out where you want your blades to be, make a mark where you need to drill holes for the dowels.  Grab your drill and drill holes in your marked places.  Maybe don’t drill your finger like I did.



What kind of tutorial-maker would I be if I didn’t share this clip anytime I talk about a drill?

Step 3: Work the dowels through the holes until they are right up to the raised center portion.  Now hot glue the dowels to the bucket lid.  Feel free to use plenty of hot glue.  It doesn’t need to be neat and pretty.


Step 4: paint your blades.  You could leave them the shiny metal that they are currently, but I think they look better weathered using a flat gray.  I painted mine with acrylic paint and a brush, but you could spray paint at this point if you prefer.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle cinnamon where you want it to look rusted.  Now spray clear gloss over the top to help seal in the cinnamon.



Step 5: Once the blades have dried completely, glue them to the other end of the dowels at an equal-ish distance.  Once the glue has dried, use duct tape to tape the dowels to the blades just make sure they are very secure.  Now you can flip it over and bend any corners if you want to give it an old and used look.


Step 6: Use a darker color paint if you like to make it look dirty and shaded in areas.  You probably will want to paint the dowels that show at this point too.  Then affix it to the wall wherever you want it.  You can hang it up however you prefer.  We (Tom) used a plastic drywall sleeve and then drilled through the center of the lid to affix it to the wall.


There you have it!  Feel free to comment with any questions.  I’d be happy to help any way I can.

I hope you enjoy this fun farm décor! For more DIY décor ides, check out my post the Great $150 Guestroom Makeover.










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