DIY 2 Dollar Cotton Boll Wreath

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As part of my Great Guestroom $150 Makeover, I put together this cute little cotton boll wreath piece.

Using a few odds and ends that I had around the house, I only had to pay two dollars for additional supplies.

This is easy, versatile, and super simple to customize with what you have on hand.

Now, if we assume you have an empty craft cupboard and an empty junk drawer, you’re obviously going to have to pay a little bit more.  A part of me somewhat assumes that someone reading about DIY craft stuff might have some hot glue and rope, ribbon or twine of some sort on hand.  If not, I apologize and this will cost you a bit more, but a hot glue gun that can burn your flesh off is worth the investment.


Step 1: Gather your supplies.  Venture out into nature and find yourself a pinecone and some branches.  Next, look around under your bathroom cabinets and find your bag of cotton balls that you have had for 8 years or so.

You’ll need to run by the dollar store for the other two items.  I bought this plain old wreath for 1 dollar and I also got an 11×14 plastic frame, black in color.  *Note, the frame isn’t in this picture, but I’ll show you later when I paint it.


Step 2: Stab your fingers with the pinecone pieces as you rip off some of the pinecone petals (are they called petals?).  Hot glue some cotton balls to the branches in cotton-y locations.  Next hot glue some petals to the base of the cotton balls.


Once you’ve got a cluster of branches that you like, wrap them up on the edge of the plain wreath you bought.  Now, you could use ribbon, wire, twine, yarn, string, really anything here that you think looks cute.


If you are happy with this, then you are done!  I wanted to add just a bit more to this display though and have it hang from the top of an 11×14 frame.  The frame I got from the dollar store was black plastic.  Black didn’t really fit with the color scheme in the room I was redecorating, so I threw it on a tarp and spray painted it a pale yellow.  If you don’t have any spray paint on hand you can easily throw a coat of acrylic paint over it too.


Next, just use whatever twine you used to affix the branches to the wreath and use it to hang the wreath down in the frame.

At this point, you could put chicken wire, burlap or a fun fabric behind the back if you feel happy about that.  If you like it the way it is, you’re done.  Throw it up on the wall and you’ve added a super cheap, unique, and fun textured décor.

Again, if you want to see other similar thrifty crafts, check out my post the Great $150 Guestroom Makeover.


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