Tuesday Things-The Fifteenth Edition

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Tuesday Things

Happy Tuesday friends!  It’s a very rainy day here today.  So rainy that the goats got up to say hi and then promptly went back to bed.

I Know What Ben Bishop Wants for Christmas

I just want to make it so very clear that hockey players are tough.  I gathered this video to show you that all Ben Bishop wants is his two front teeth this year.  This particular clip doesn’t show it, but one angle shows him hand his tooth to the trainer.  My favorite part is that he shakes his head, puts on a new mask and stays in the game.

Oh, and speaking of hockey, this week in fantasy hockey I’m playing my brother and my team, PASS, SHOOT & PASS OUT is currently losing 0-10.  So, my people are going to need to step it up quite a bit.

Christmas Shoppin’

Have you started Christmas shopping?  I have usually started some shopping by now, but not this year.  I feel a teeny bit behind.  I do believe that I will try to make several gifts this year, but I know I’ll be buying a few things.

I wanted to share a website that each day lists the best deals and sales online each day.  If you’re like me, you probably love online shopping.  I’m a big fan of shopping in pajamas.

For instance, here is the link to today’s deals.


A few deals I noticed:

  • Pottery Barn tablet recipe holder $5 with free shipping
  • 8-piece comforter set $49.99
  • Nike 48-hour flash sale 50% off

You might want to save this website for future online shopping needs!

The Best French Fries by State

The good people at mental floss put together a list of the best French fries in each state.  If you are a connoisseur of French fries like me, you might be planning a trip to check and see if this list is accurate .


Veteran’s Day

I hope you took the time to thank a veteran or two for the service and dedication they gave for our country.






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  1. isp541 says

    We have multiple gifts in the closet already……don’t you recall? We bought the first Christmas gift like three days after Christmas last year.

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