Sunday Scattergories: History

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The Brain Gym

Considering I’m one sip into my coffee, it might have been a bold strategy picking history as the topic this week.   I’m not necessarily known for winning many of the history categories on Jeopardy.

Speaking of bold strategies…

Hmm.. Let’s just start with the first letter of your first name and then use the last letter of each answer as the first for the next.

Ok, here goes!

1. A U.S. President (first or last name):  Abraham Lincoln

2. A Battle or War: Battle of New Bern (Yes, I had to look this up)

3. Major Scientific Discovery: Neptune

4. Disaster or Emergency: Earthquake

5. Another U.S. President (first or last name): Eisenhower

6. A type of dance through the years: Rhumba

7. A well-known criminal or villain: Adolf Hitler

8. Advancement in health care: Rubella vaccination

9. A notable woman in history: Nightingale, Florence

10. An inventor: Eli Whitney (Mr. Cotton gin)

Ok, please share your creative answers with me!  I’m excited to read what you come up with.


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  1. madrenellie says

    This was difficult!
    1. Dwight D Eisenhower (pres ident when I was born and there were only 49 states)
    2. Revolutionary war
    3.radon poisonings
    4. Sink hole
    5. (I used Eisenhower above, so I went with James EARL carter)
    6. Limbo
    7. Osama bin laden
    8. Nuclear medicine
    9. Eleanor Roosevelt (who suggested Pen d’Oreille Lake for submarine base)
    10. Thomas Edison

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