Sunday Scattergories: All About School

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The Brain Gym

Happy Sunday friends.  I hope y’all are enjoying the day and that your sports teams are winning!  My fantasy hockey team was tied going into today so let’s hope they pull it together by the end of the night.

Today, I present you with the subject of school.  Enjoy!

For your starting letter, use the first letter of what you had for the main course of your dinner last night.  I had sloppy Jane’s (Tom says I can’t call them Sloppy Joe’s because they have ground turkey breast instead of ground beef).  So I’ll start with S!

Use the last letter of each answer as the first for the next, please.

1. Something you pack in your lunch for school: Sandwich

2. Something you wear to school: headband

3. Subject you loved in school: Dance

4. Subject you disliked in school: economics

5. Favorite spirit day in school: Superhero day

6. Something found in your locker: Oreos!

7. Excuse to get out of school: Sick

8. Hot lunch item: Krazy bread

9. Game played in P.E.: Dodgeball! If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

10. Club you never joined in high school: Lincoln Log Builders (?)  It could be a club at some school.


Ok, as always share your best school answers with me!  Thanks for playing along.


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  1. madrenellie says

    We had shrimp, so p
    1. Potato chips
    2. Scarf
    3. French
    4.home economic
    5. Cartoon
    6. Note
    7. Ear ache
    8. Egg sandwiches
    9. Soccer
    10. Redwood bark (school paper)
    The year book was the log and our teams were giants. Clever, huh?


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