Tuesday Things- The Thirteenth Edition

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Tuesday Things

Welcome to Tuesday, friends!  Here are the things!

Happy Discounted Candy Day

That’s right, today is official clearance candy day! Woo Hoo! Go get yourself some!

Amelia Earhart- Lost no more?

There is new research that shows Amelia Earhart may match a partial skeleton of a castaway found on an island.  The reasoning comes down to abnormally long forearms of the skeleton.  Using old photographs a scientist made a scale to determine the approximate length of Amelia’s forearms and it appears to be a match.

After her plane disappeared she made over 100 calls for help on the radio, which proved she was able to land the plane and did not crash (since the engine had to be running to work the radio).  This would point to the fact that she safely landed and died as a castaway.

Although nothing is confirmed officially, it is closer to conclusive evidence than there has previously been.

Of course I think her, D.B. Cooper, and Jimmy Hoffa are all together with Elvis somewhere.

7 Days Until Election Day

The countdown is on… for political commercials to be over.  Yay!  I’m not saying anger and political Facebook posts are going anywhere, mind you, but at least there will be less of “I’m bla bla bla and I approved this message.”

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here busy planning a candlelight vigil for our country.

In all honesty, I truly hope you registered to vote.  As much as it seems like it doesn’t count and doesn’t matter sometimes; in my opinion we only get to complain if we showed up to vote.

I would hate for my complaining rights to be taken from me.  I kid.

Disney Princesses Makeup Free

If you ever wondered what Disney princesses would look like without makeup, here’s a fun website that lets you slide bars across each photo to see the reveal.


For Your Christmas List

An Idahoan girl I know just launched a new website with fantastic jewelry!  I know my Christmas list is going to be getting a few updates, to go along with the Teak & Topaz jewelry that is already residing on my list (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TeakandTopaz?ref=pr_faveshops).

There is also a sale going right now 25% off 11/1/16-11/7/16 in case you are shopping for any jewelry-loving friends.  She has other items too, but the jewelry really caught my eye since it varies so much and is fun and unique!


This fantastic necklace is currently on sale for $15, which I find quite reasonable.

Check out her selection here: http://www.jamboreestyle.com/

My Friends are the Best

Just a little shoutout.  I have the bestest friends.  In case I wasn’t clear with you before, anytime you want to bring me homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh baked bread, and bacon, you come right on over!


That’s it for Tuesday Things this week!  Go out there and have yourself a great Wednesday!


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