POTS- the Consequences of a Bad Choice

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We’ve all made a bad choice once or twice in our lives right?  If you said no, you’re lying.

Saturday night my husband and I dressed up for a fun night out at a Halloween Costume party.  I had done my very best resting up for the fun.  We checked into the room early and stayed in to eat room service, watch hockey and nap before the party.

It was good fun dressing up!  We went as Paul Bunyan and his sexy blue ox, Babe.  I should point out that Tom even got served at the bar first once on account of him having an axe and the bartender saying the ‘lumberjack works hard and needs a drink’.


Here’s a little better look of my clearly ox-like horns.


Before heading into the party to pick a seat we stopped by the bar to have my favorite POTS cocktail, because truly I had planned to be smart.


As much as I planned to drink very little and focus on hydrating with water, I lost track of that plan.  Here’s what happened.  It’s not an excuse because I wasn’t tricked or fooled in any way.  I’m a grown up and made my own choices.  We got there somewhat early and seats were filling up quickly so Tom and I chose seats at a big table so we could meet other party-goers since we were there alone.

Everything was going well and it was fun to watch all the costumes and dancing.  Midway through the party one of the girls from our table came back to it after dancing for a while  and said, “Have you guys even moved?”  I almost couldn’t respond.  For whatever stupid reason, it just crushed me.  I used to be the girl dancing every song out on the floor.  I used to be dragging Tom out there song after song to dance with me.  Here we were, we literally had not moved except to go to the bar or the bathroom (which was no small task with the jumpsuit I should add).

We did end up dancing for two or maybe three songs total throughout the night.  While yes it was fun, I can’t even begin to describe the amount of excruciating pain in my hips and legs since.

I also spent from about 1 am until 530 pm the next day vomiting and unable to hold down a drop of anything.  I avoided the hospital for an IV for hydration.  My husband took care of me the entire time with no complaints.    Did I go to a dark place for a moment and play the woe is me game in my mind? Yes.  Did I drink too much? Oh my gosh yes.  Am I proud of my choice? No.  I’m never proud of my poor choices, but I can also own the decision.  My first mistake was letting that comment get me down.  I had been doing pretty well up until that point not being sad about not being able to dance.  I’m stronger than that.  Either way, I had a weak moment and a very stupid pity party.

So what are my options now?  Keep feeling guilty and bad for being stupid or learn from my mistake and move on.

I’m officially choosing to remember the happy moments and the good times I had with my Tom. However, I will also choose to remember this choice and not be weak enough to make that choice again.

Speaking of happy moments, here are some of my favorites from the party:

  • At one point a girl came up to me to tell me that she had the exact same blue jumpsuit! (because who doesn’t have it?!)
  • There were judges milling around who awarded stickers to couples who they felt should be considered for a couple costume prize.  I felt much like Monica & Ross trying to get the attention of the dance judges on the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.  Every time I saw the guy I made Tom hold up his axe to make sure he noticed.  There was a whole lot of, “show him the axe again, honey!”
  • I met Predator.  I had to make him nod a lot to show that he clearly understood the rules to not touch me in any way because he was way too scary for that.


So, that was my weekend.






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