Sunday Scattergories: Scary Stuff

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The Brain Gym

I chose scary stuff for obvious reasons.

Ok, today for the first letter, use the last letter of your last name. Then we’ll do the last letter of each answer as the first for the next.

1. Scary costume: skeleton

2. Scary movie: Nightmare on Elm Street

3. Scary woman: the bad witch

4. Scary man: hockey mask guy

5. Another scary costume: your doctor

6. Person in a haunted house: running with chainsaw guy

7. Scary thing to find in the woods: clowns

8. Scary food to you: spam

9. Snack to eat while watching a scary movie: M&M

10. Scary thing in the basement: mess!

Tell me about your scary answers.

P.S. the word scary has lost all meaning.


  1. madrenellie says

    First, I throw a flag on you: 6 ended in y, 7v started with c. Gotcha
    1. Ninja
    2. Alien
    3. Nun (just for amy)
    4. Nazi
    5. Iguana
    6. A Medusa
    7. Archer
    8. Reconstituted milk
    9. Kit kat
    10. Tower of laundry


  2. isp541 says

    1. SCARY COSTUME: Severus Snape (2)

    2. SCARY MOVIE: Evil Lives Among Us

    3. SCARY WOMAN: Mad Madame Mimm (3)

    4. SCARY MAN: Michael Myers (2)

    5. ANOTHER SCARY COSTUME: Suicide Squad (2)

    6. PERSON IN A HAUNTED HOUSE: Devilish Chupacabra

    7. SCARY THING TO FIND IN THE WOODS: Abandoned Abode (2)

    8. SCARY FOOD TO YOU: Eggplant


    10. SCARY THING IN THE BASEMENT: Eery noise.


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