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In the dispatching world briefing is pretty dang important.  Especially when you take over the radio console and have ongoing calls already happening (which is almost always).  These are the moments while you are logging onto the computer and opening up your programs and the person you are relieving is giving you the rundown of what is happening.  Typically it’s information such as who came in service early, any updates on scheduling from sergeants, and current events, especially the clusters.

It’s also sometimes referred to as the pass-down of info from one shift to the next.  A major problem I usually had is that if I was working day shift, that meant I was logging on before six am.  I know several of my partners can verify that the night shift would leave and I would usually say (in a very not awake yet voice), “ya I wasn’t listening at all.”  Figuring out notifications on fatals and big messes is really much easier if you listen to your previous partners.

Well, I realize that I haven’t checked in with all of you and done any sort of a pass-down of my health for a while.  Therefore, welcome to briefing; grab a seat!

First, I apologize for missing Sunday Scattergories.  I’ll be back to challenge your brains next week!

Next, I’m working on going through the process of disability retirement and all of that paperwork with my doctors.  Usually the forms are sent directly to the medical review board, but my neurologist sent a copy of the paperwork to me as well.  Being me, I looked through some of the information and saw this.


If you can’t read the lovely doctor writing, the question is prognosis for recovery from disabling condition: His response is “no potential for recovery”.

I already knew this.  It’s one of those things that just puts a bad taste in my mouth a bit though seeing it in writing.

I went to the neurologist this afternoon.  I was supposed to go this morning but was up all night sick then fell asleep two hours before I was supposed to leave and evidently slept right through my alarm and my appointment.

Meeting with the neurologist was fine.  It was just the basic med check-up.  I told him about some of my symptom worsening.  He confirmed that my ‘autonomic nervous system is a wreck’.  I concur.  He also cheered me up by saying, “lots of people who have POTS can work.  You can not. If affects you more severely than some others.”  Gee thanks.  In all honesty though, I’m a straight shooter and I truly appreciate honesty.  At the begin each step of the way doctors would say things like, “oh ya, you’ll be fine. We’ll find the right medication.” Now that we have tried everything I kind of appreciate the honesty and find it refreshing.

The last few days have had some un-fun health stuff, but nothing I can’t handle.  Nothing really newsworthy.

I look forward to some resting this week and laying low.  Should anything amazing or hilarious happen in my life, I promise to run right to my laptop to tell you!  Well, maybe not run.



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