Tuesday Things- the Tenth Edition

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Tuesday Things

Late Tuesday Things post this week.  I apologize.  My day was filled up with things.  Tuesday Things probably.

Sleep Aid?

Ok, so I’ve been taking Costco’s over the counter sleep medication, Sleep Aid.  It’s helped me to really be able to stay asleep after falling asleep, which is great.  Unfortunately my crazy dreams have continued and the medication has caused an interesting side effect.  Twice Tom has woken up to me punching, kicking and slapping him.  After doing that this morning I was informed that I would be sleeping facing the opposite way when I take Sleep Aid because he doesn’t enjoy waking up to being assaulted.  My bad.

Let Me EnLIGHTen You

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, you may not know that we’ve been busy making lamps.  I made the fun and weird copper one and Tom used a single tree to make this fantastic light fixture above our kitchen table.


A little before/after for you.


He’s so creative, that husband of mine!

Expensive Bedding

I happen to think that this particular buy/sell Facebook page must not allow selling firearms.   That, or my goodness that’s a spendy bedspread.


Treasure Unearthed

Did you hear that hurricane Matthew uncovered civil-war era Cannonballs in South Carolina?  Talk about history.  I may know very little about the civil war (as is always pointed out when playing Jeopardy with my husband), but I know enough to think that’s pretty neat.


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

NHL hockey starts tomorrow.  What else could I have possibly meant?

Prepare Yourself

I officially finished the quilt I was working on today so I’ll be sharing that soon.  I’ve also been working on redecorating a room in my house by trying to make the decorations myself.  It’s been a fun challenge and I look forward to sharing all of my projects!  You should start seeing those posts show up within the next week probably.

I hope this finds you all doing well.  Don’t forget, hockey starts tomorrow!





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  1. First off…poor Tom. Thank goodness he loves you unconditionally! He probably doesn’t enjoy being punched and kicked while he’s trying to enjoy his sleep! LOL

    Second off, I love the lamps!! How creative y’all are. Those little home craft projects are so cute!

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