When Plans Turn to Camping

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Deep Thoughts About POTS / Smile Makers

Being sick sucks.  It’s not fun when plans don’t work out and become impossible due to health circumstances.  I’m a 30-year-old grown up and I still get upset when I can’t do something that I was looking forward to due to my body being dramatic.  I’ve found that is one of the best ways to explain it, by the way.

Today I’m not talking about me though.  I’m talking about my bud Eli.  You remember him from my previous post introducing him, right? If not, here’s the link to that post again.

It’s his fifth birthday.  Each year we hope that he can have a ‘regular’ party and do fun kid things.  His third birthday he went into congestive heart failure, spending time in the hospital of course.  Last year he was home from the hospital and finally recovered well from his heart surgery.  Oh, but his pharmacist accidentally gave him an adult dose of medication resulting in him being hospitalized.  So he spent his fourth birthday in a hospital.

Now we’re here to his fifth birthday and his incision from his recent pacemaker surgery is continuing to bleed.  His risk for infection steadily rises the more it continues to bleed.

To explain it further here are words from his mom:

If it were to get infected, beyond the awful effects and risks of infection, would leave him needing another huge surgery.  Not just to replace the pacemaker, but to crack his sternum again and replace the leads.  Then, top that with having an artificial heart valve, leaves his heart at a huge risk of infection.  It is something that terrifies me as a mother and something I think about every time I wipe blood away from his incision. 

Leave it to Eli’s mommy to come up with a backup plan.  She had approximately 24 hours to plan his birthday with his newest health guidelines.  She ran all over town gathering supplies from giving friends.  She planned an amazing campout in the living room with Eli, his best friend and big brother Andrew, and his mom and dad.  She prepared all the fixins.  Glow sticks, games, smores, camping food, and everything else fun!

I think we could all learn a little lesson here.  So often my plan B is to pout and be whiny.  I’ve got to learn to plan myself a camping trip.  I know I’m not the only one who needed to hear this reminder today.  Take a page out of Jenn’s book and learn to make the best of what is often the worst.

Oh, and hey, here’s a video of Mr. Eli’s excitement at seeing the campout when he woke up.  Pure joy.


When someone tries to rain on your parade, you be ready with rain boots to jump in the puddles and make your own fun!

Please take a moment and say a prayer for Eli today that the bleeding would stop and that there would be no further complications, and that they would all have the best time camping and not get any mosquito bites! wink, wink.  I’m on standby with the bug spray if you need me though, Jenn!

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  1. Karen Mainini says

    God Bless you Eli, I pray for your health and I hope you get better every day. God Bless you also Miss Amy, you are a gift to the world.

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