Tuesday Things-the Ninth Edition

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What things do I have for you today?  Just some things.  Some Tuesday Things.

Get Comfy Nature Style

So, I guess you can get comfortable now in a way much more relatable to nature.  If you have a giant empty space and need a way to fill it in a ridiculously relaxing way… then you need this!

Fully customizable with a variety of eggs.  Obviously.


Advertising Basics

If I was going to sell letters, would I arrange them like this?  I don’t have any schooling in advertising, but I’m guessing probably not.


I mean, I’ve never seen the letters arranged like that at Hobby Lobby.  I have however seen this in a hobby lobby:


Just kidding.

My Newest Painting

I finished this painting today and I think it turned out pretty well.  I’m actually happy with it.


Clowns Galore

You might remember when I wrote about Gags, the clown and my concerns about clown riots.

Look, I care about you guys so I was going to compile a general grouping of clown pictures and sightings nationwide that have been occurring.  It turned out to be way too scary to do that.  I remember when this all started in North Carolina I said, ‘man, you know those clowns aren’t going to be hanging I the woods of Idaho because so many people have guns.  Well, they are here now I guess.  There have been sightings in cities all around.  Whether they are real or not, I don’t know.  While I was searching though I found a conspiracy theory about the White House setting free all of these clowns.

The moral of the story is:


Dinner Plans

If you don’t have plans for dinner tonight, let me mention that apparently today is national Vodka day and also national Taco day.  Why they don’t have national Margherita day on the same day as national Taco day, I don’t know.  No one asked for my opinion.

Laurie Hernandez- I Did My 16th Year Wrong

Laurie Hernandez is having a pretty ok year.  Gold medal, silver medal, is on tour, met the president, and on her way to winning the mirrorball too.  If you didn’t catch her dance last night, check it out! I would have voted for her, but her name isn’t Sharna.


I hope all of you lovelies are having a great Tuesday and ready to make Wednesday be full of happy!






  1. isp541 says

    When did you blog about gags? And what kind? Ball gags, bridle/ bit gags, butterfly gags, cleave gags, forniphilic, harness, inflatable, knotted, layered, medical, muzzle, over the mouth, panel, ring, bandit, rope, spider, stuff, tape, tube, or mouth corset gags?

    I don’t remember this post.


  2. michaelamthompson says

    We just celebrated National Taco Day with nachos supreme and a Casa De Oro chimichanga! Wrong or just right?

    Liked by 1 person

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