A Little Victory

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Hold My Gatorade and Watch This / Physical Therapy & Exercise

I have officially graduated from physical therapy to a home program after about 10 months.

What does this mean, exactly?

I’m not fixed or better, but I do have a good understanding of my physical limits and I have demonstrated that I can appropriately do all of my exercises.  I earned my graduation t-shirt (in pink!) and my list of exercises.  I stopped and bought a new notebook for logging my exercises with a perfect quote on the front.


I have ROOTS to know where is home and wings to soar.

I saw this and instantly knew it was for me.  My roots will always be my physical therapist and his office should I need any help, but I’ve been given my wings to soar on my own.

A good friend gifted me a total gym, so with that and my recumbent stationary bike, I’m pretty well set up to sweat.

So far, I’m really been enjoying the challenge of working out on my own.  It helps to not have to get dressed and ready then drive to physical therapy.  That used up a lot of my energy.

Maybe this is just a little victory, but hey, I’m celebrating all the victories no matter how big or small in life!

What are your most recent victories?  Take a moment to think about them.  Maybe you organized a drawer that has been needing it for years.  Maybe you tried out a new recipe or cooking technique.  Maybe something artistic?

Tell me about your most recent victory!


  1. Colleen Knauber says

    Outlasted my horrible neighbors! They are finally gone and no one was sorry to see them go. Sometimes the best we can do is just hang on. Nothing stays the same forever.
    But, way to go on graduating from P.T. I always tell them I’m taking a little break. Then never return…until next surgery. 😉

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  2. madrenellie says

    Did an acrylic painting all by myself, not in a group with someone to help. Small, but seemed to open a world of possibilities. Also achieved travel day, still alive, but exhausted from wearing my “I’m fine” mask. Lol

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