Sunday Scattergories- Hawaii Edition

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The Brain Gym

It seems a portion of my family is in Hawaii this week and I am not one of them.

I liked the tricky format last week of whatever your first answer is, use the last letter of that word for the first letter of the next.

So, for your first word, start with the first letter of your street name.  That’s an S for me!

1. Tropical Drink: Snuggle on the beach  (that was edited, could you tell?)

2. Something eaten at a Luau: Ham

3. A water activity: Maitai drinkin’ on a catamaran

4. Something seen on the beach: nudity?!

5. An essential in your suitcase: Yacht key (If you have a yacht moored there and forget your key, believe me you’ll be sorry!)

6. A song that would sound great played by ukulele: YMCA

7. Someone you take to Hawaii with you: Ashley

8. A street performer you might see: Yanni

9. A vehicle you would rent in Hawaii: Intrepid

10. An animal who lives in the ocean: Dolphin


Ok, I hope you all had fun pretending that we are all in Hawaii this week!  I know I did.  I can already smell the sunscreen!

Back to reality.  Take a moment today to prepare yourself for your week.  Make sure you have some happy things planned out in there!




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  1. madrenellie says

    1. Flow of lava
    2. Ahi
    3. Ignoring conch shell for incoming catamaran
    4. Night moon
    5. Nuff meds
    6. Somewhere over the rainbow
    7. Wife
    8. Evangelical children’s choir
    9. Rolls
    10. Shark
    We cheated a bit, but we’re on vacay


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