Tuesday Things- The Seventh Edition

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Tuesday Things

Who is ready for some Tuesday Things?  I put a few things together to share with you.

Tuesday Things- edited

Mighty Brave, Mighty Great

Yesterday I went live on Chronic Illness on The Mighty for an hour and a half to host a Q&A session.  I was pretty nervous at the idea of no one tuning in or it only having 20 views or something else terrifying.  It went great.  I had wonderful interaction and made some fantastic friends!  I’m excited to keep in touch with other potsies! Oh, and it’s had over 8,000 views so far, so at least it wasn’t a bust.  Phew!

If you didn’t watch and want to see me answering questions and talking about chronic illness and joy, I posted it here.


Birth Year Words

Each year words get added to the Oxford English Dictionary as they become common terms and new technology, etc.  If you are curious, you can check your year of birth to see which words were invented.


Follow the link above and you can just click on the decade on the top row and then the individual year on the left column.

The word for my birth year is channel surf.  So there you go.

A Local Survivor?

The next season of Survivor starts soon and I found it a bit interesting that one of the contestants is from little old Post Falls, Idaho.  Oh hey, so am I!  I hope he’s a nice guy so I can root for him!

Who Loved the Planetarium Field Trip in School?

I happened upon this fantastic Midnight Planetarium watch that features stones representing each planet that actually move in time with their real life depictions.

It’s a modest $210,000.00 if you want to get a head start on your Christmas shopping.


Annie’s in Town for a Visit

Found out this morning that there is a ‘very special’ and mostly terrifying visitor in town.  Annie, the 2300 year old mummy has arrived.  It is believed she drown in the Nile.  How they know this, I don’t know.


A concerned citizen commented to ask how they knew her name was Annie.  Evidently Annie stands for anonymous, because she was buried without a name on her tomb.

One thing is for sure, it makes me want to watch the Psych episode “Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead”.  It is available on YouTube if you haven’t seen it.


I hope this finds you all having a fantastic Tuesday!









  1. I finally got around to watching the whole thing….great video!! Loved it!! Can I just say Tom makes me chuckle with the sugar glider thing. I actually had a coworker in Nashville who had them and bred them….crazy little things but supposedly awesome companions if you don’t mind them tiny and hanging out in your breast pocket of your shirt….ha ha. Thanks for the great video! It was great to see you. I need to come physically see you and bring pizza or something. Hockey starts up soon! Maybe we can arrange a hockey party. 🙂

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