Tom or Spock?

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Smile Makers


First of all, how stinkin’ cute is Maizy?

Yesterday was a super fun day.  Started out with a barn sale where we got some fun things.  Then we checked out a few other garage sales.  Then out to breakfast/lunch at a favorite place.  I was ready to nap by then so Tom worked on outside property things while I did that.

Our house is being taken over by stink bugs outside.  All of the stink bugs in the world meet and procreate at our house apparently.  Ick.  So we needed to pick up some RAID to try to at least move them away from doorways.

Next up, we had been wanting to try a new distillery in town for a while so we finally set aside some time to go check it out.  It was fantastic.  If you follow me on Facebook, maybe you saw my live video about my distillery thoughts and rant.  Mostly, I was making fun of a rich guy who actually complained about the table slightly leaning to one side.  Not enough to make a drink spill, but apparently enough that they whined quite a bit about it.  I don’t ever want to be so fancy that I complain about something so trivial.  Also, a taco truck showed up, which was fun and DELICIOUS.  Cranky rich guy went out and ordered food, then he had the nerve to ask the bartender to run out and get him a knife and spoon from the taco truck.  We were standing at the truck when the bartender came out and asked for a knife.  I asked him if it was to stab someone.  Tom commented maybe Mr. white shirt.  As the bartender walked away he laughed, knowing exactly who we were talking about.

So the moral of the story is don’t be rude, especially in an establishment where pretzels and whiskeys live.

On to the Spock part of the night.  This is going to be very weird to write about.  I’ve never experienced anything similar before.  POTS continues to be full of surprise and mystery.  I was preparing to go to the bedroom.  Tom was sitting in a chair as I walked past him.  He reached up and touched my stomach with one finger, which caused a shock.  I’m referring to a static electricity shock.  I always seem to have them happen in grocery stores.  Every time I touch a freezer section door or the cart I usually get a little shock.  Anyways, he shocked me and I experienced the craziest feeling I’ve ever tried to explain.  From my toes up to my scalp I felt almost like a shock/shiver and I saw the ground come up to meet me.  He literally barely touched me with one finger and I passed right out.

I woke up to Tom saying over and over again how awesome that was.




So that’s how my Friday night ended.  What did the rest of you do?  Anything fun?

I threw some pumpkin, Greek yogurt, and oat muffins in the oven this morning to celebrate Saturday and football!

Go find some smiles today!




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