Tuesday Things- The Sixth Edition

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Tuesday Things

Tuesday Things- edited

Hip Hip Hooray for Tuesday!  I hope this finds you all with smiles on your faces!

BRAINDEAD is Over & Dancing with the Stars is Starting

The summer mini-series Braindead is over.  As weird as it was, it had some of my favorite actors and it was interesting, funny at times, and most definitely intriguing.  If there’s one thing I can easily believe, it’s that members of congress are infected with bugs in their heads eating their brains.  If you didn’t catch it, keep an eye out for it to pop up on Hulu or Netflix.  Or if you happen to be local, I have it on my DVR.

As for Dancing with the Stars, last night was the first episode of the new season.  If I were a betting woman, I’ve got my money on Laurie Hernandez, a recent gold medalist gymnast, taking home the coveted Mirrorball; however as usual, I tend to vote for my favorite professional instead of star.  So go Sharna!


11 Places with Restricted Air Space Above

I know for airshows, parades, and other specific events there is usually a restricted air space above the event.  Some places, always have a restricted air space.  Can you guess any before reading them?  I was able to think of  few.

  1. George Washington’s Home: Mount Vernon, Virginia  (p.s. I’ve been there.  They only allow employees who are proven to be a direct descendant of George Washington to work there, and oh boy are they snooty.  Everything is genuine and authentic.  They were not impressed when a student asked if the horse poop in the stall was also genuine and authentic.)
  2.  Walt Disney World
  3. Disneyland
  4. Bush Family Compound
  5. Pantex Nuclear Facility / Amarillo, Texas
  6. Washington D.C.
  7. Camp David
  8. Kennedy Space Center
  9. Area 51
  10. Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness / Northern Minnesota

I found these to be interesting.  If you want to read the specific guidelines and height requirements, you can read them here.



North Korea has forbidden people from making sarcastic comments about President Kim Jong-un.  Apparently he, like Sheldon, also struggles with understanding sarcasm.  Instead of having Leonard hold up a sign for him, he just decided to ban it all together.

Football Season Décor

If you love football, you’ll appreciate this adorable way of displaying napkins throughout this season!


Wednesday Game Face

I hope y’all have a great day tomorrow.  In fact, make a plan to purposefully find smiles and joy and enjoy your day!









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