The Blister- Our Newest Oldest Piece of Machinery

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Saturday included an hour and 45 minute drive up to look at (and possibly purchase) a 1964 Chevrolet tilt cab water truck with a 1500 gallon tank.

I knew this was going to be an entertaining experience as soon as we arrived based on these two factors:

  1. The directions included, “As you come into town and cross the bridge, then follow the signs for the hospital.  Pass the hospital and drive until you see a dirt road.  Then you can’t miss it.”
  2. As soon as we got out of the car the gentleman selling the truck immediately offered us a beer.  (we politely declined)

The more time I spent talking to the gentleman selling the truck, the more I am convinced he had a big part in this picture.


Our encounter only got better from that point.  Tom checked out the truck.  He showed us how to work the tilt cab and how to turn it on.  He made a special point to explain to us that each thing was ‘custom‘.  The truck starts with a screwdriver, and that’s custom right there.  The truck’s name, BLISTER, is painted on the driver’s door, also custom.  The lights, the paint, the hose hookups are all custom.


Each side of the tank has a locking storage area.  One side had chains and the other side had, guess what? An old beer bottle.  Shocking.  It’s also probably custom.

I think one of my favorite parts had to be when he showed us the gas gauge, which is just a long stick.  He stuck it into the barrel of gas revealing about three inches of gas which meant that Tom needed to gas up, obviously.  Oh, and that gas gauge system right there is custom.


Once we realized that this truck would perfectly meet our needs, Tom made an offer and just like that we were loading the dogs up into the truck to ride home with daddy.  Sarge took the passenger seat and Hero found the ledge behind the seats suitable for a nice 45 MPH car ride.


So far I’ve found four wasp and hornet nests.  Check out this one.  I think it was from when the truck was back in it’s prime.


The gentleman yelled to Tom as he pulled out of the dirt parking area, “Don’t forget to use a magic marker to touch up his name!”

Welcome to the family, Blister.  I can’t wait for you to water my garden and my orchard next year.





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