A Country Tale

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Some Milestones Worth Mentioning

I drove the truck the other day pulling the water tank trailer.  I towed it empty and I towed it back when the tanks were full.  I understand which way to turn the wheel to back the trailer a specific way, but I can’t wrap my mind around why it works like that.  I can’t imagine trying to back it into a specific space though.

I also backed the tractor all the way up our driveway, which is pretty long and turns a bit.  It also has a ditch on one side and a cliff which leads to certain death on the other side.

On to the Tale

Yesterday we loaded up the tractor with garbage and drove it down to the garbage can at the bottom of the road.  As we got to the top of the driveway I realized I had my cell phone and didn’t need it in my hand so I gave it to Tom and he put it into the pocket on his pants.  If you’re thinking jeans, you’re not on the right track.  Think tactical pants.  I’m talking about the little tiny side calf pocket.

We drove on down the road.  Tom loaded it all into the garbage and then we decided to make some passes with the back blade down to smooth out the road.  We made several passes.  I have to say that I thought it was honestly so much fun.  I was sure I was loving the activity the most until I noticed the dogs were running wildly all over like crazy wild dogs. We made it back up to the house and put the tractor away.  I sat down on the front porch to rest a bit and drink some water.  When Tom came down from the shop I asked for my phone.  It wasn’t in his pocket.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

So off he went with all 3 goats and both dogs to look for it on the road.  I grabbed his phone and started calling it over and over because I knew the ringer was on and hoped that might help.  I also hiked up to the shop to see if it was possibly just sitting on the tractor.  No luck in there.  After a while I got into the Jeep to go down the road with Tom as he was walking up and said he didn’t find it.  Poop.

The problem is that the back blade pulls up a bunch of dirt as it goes and then lays it back down.  With several passes it could literally be 8 to 10 inches down.  Tom raked the whole road on both sides with no luck.  The only option left was to try to drive the tractor over it again and hopefully turn it up, which would probably damage it too much, if it wasn’t already.  We figured it was a 50/50 that it would be found but also damaged or not found at all so we went ahead and made several passes again.  I figured I should check the garbage can just to be sure.

So there I was listening to the garbage can for ringing, you know like everyone does on a Friday evening.

We came home empty handed so Tom did some wizardry online to locate it with GPS.  It said that it was accurate to within 12 meters and it showed it right next to our house, which just wasn’t possible or accurate so we assumed it was finding Tom’s phone.

Tom went to work on little sleep and lots of frustrating road raking.  My parents came up to give me one of their phones.  I explained the story and dad went outside to run around with the dogs.  While he was outside the lightning started.  He came inside and handed me my phone.

We forgot that Tom came down from the shop and went to check on the float in the cistern before he came over to the front porch.  So, it was right there the whole time, exactly where the GPS said it was.  Talk about frustrating and annoying for Tom.  So, that was all dumb, but I’m really glad my dad brought it in when he did, because right after that it started pouring rain.

Try to enjoy your Saturday and try not to almost grate your phone into the dirt road.

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