One Year Later- Shifting Focus

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Deep Thoughts About POTS

And just like that it’s been one year since I passed out on the freeway and got admitted to the hospital for the start of my five day stay.

It’s pretty crazy to think an entire year has gone by.  To say our life has changed would be an under statement.

I tried to decide what to say on this odd anniversary.  I think the best way to categorize my thoughts is by using quick bullet points about the changes in our life over this last year.

A few of the Crappy Parts:

  • I’ve lost the ability to workout like I used to be able to
  • I can no longer do my job (which I loved)
  • I’ve lost the ability to de-stress like I used to
  • I’ve lost the ability to walk at times without passing out
  • I no longer have complete freedom, as I need help now with a lot of things
  • I can’t drive on bad days
  • I can’t take a bath or shower when I’m home alone
  • I have more medical supplies to pack when I leave the house (oxygen, wheelchair)

and other bla, bla bla about my physical health, but this is bumming me out so I’m going to transition to the happy parts now.

Surprise Joys and Changes Sponsored by God:

  • I have a lot more time with my husband now, and we’ve grown together and closer in many ways
  • When we want to schedule something we only have one work schedule to work around
  • I started this here little blog and I’ve had 10 posts published now on The Mighty
  • I was also chosen to be a contributor for the newsletters put out by the Dysautonomia Information Network
  • I’ve even gotten feedback from new fellow chronic illness friends online who have been encouraged or inspired by my writing.  In fact, this article ( ) was written specifically about my ability to find laughter and joy in each day
  • I’ve learned how to wood burn and paint
  • I’ve been able to read more books
  • We got goats and chickens and I have time available to help out with easy tasks for their care (nothing crazy like lifting their water bucket)
  • I have gotten to spend a lot more time with family and friends and I have more flexibility
  • My skills in the kitchen have improved and I’ve gotten to try out a variety of different recipes
  • I’ve learned a LOT about the human body and I have certainly met many medical professionals in my community
  • I have learned to pay attention to and appreciate the small things that I never used to notice.

I could spend all day laying out the before and after differences, but I think Tom really described it best when he answered one of his school questions online.  I’m going to borrow his words here.

toms description 1

toms description 2

When life gets crazy, stressful, overwhelming and overall just too much to handle, shift your focus.  Yes, I know it’s annoying to have someone tell you to focus on the positives, but sometimes it can save your life.

It’s all about where you choose to focus your attention.  If you’re hell bent on being pissed and negative, by all means, don’t let me stop you.

I’m just here to say we’ve tried it both ways and shifting our focus towards the blessings and positives is what has worked for us, and after all, we’re pretty stinkin’ cool.

cool kids





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  2. Ugh….I was working that day. Such a scary thing for us. So glad you survived it. I think you are stronger than ever because of it!!! It may not be the ideal situation…but you’ve done well finding the positives of the whole situation. I am proud of y’all. I cannot imagine how that must be. I definitely look up to y’all for how to survive difficult situations. PS Love the picture! Another beautiful photo of an even more beautiful couple! 🙂

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