Tuesday Things- The Third Edition

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Smile Makers / Tuesday Things

A collection of random whatever to entertain you.  I’m excited.  Are you?

Tuesday Things- edited


Did you know this was a thing? They look like tiny watermelons, but taste like a tangy lime-cucumber.  Besides being adorable, they are apparently very easy to grow too.  You start the seeds indoors in April or May and plant them once the danger of frost is gone.  They start slow, but can grow up to ten feet high climbing a trellis.  The leaves of the vine look similar to ivy.  They are drought resistant and even have the nickname mini but mighty, just like me.  The seeds can be ordered online and range in price, although Amazon offers 15 seeds for $1.85.


 Holding Your Coffee Cup- – – Wrong?

Apparently, a researcher took the time to work through a series of calculations to avoid spilling your cup of coffee in the morning.  I present to you the most scientifically efficient way to avoid your coffee splashing out of the cup.  I knew we had been doing it wrong all along by using the coffee cup handle provided to us.  We’re all such suckers.  The correct way is to use the ‘claw method’ of gripping the cup.  He also says that ‘walking backwards may make drinkers less likely to spill as it forces our bodies to rely on a “sideways swinging motion” to stay balanced.’  He did mention that this could cause you trip on a stone or walk into a fellow colleague who is also walking backwards.

coffee cup claw

My final thoughts on this:

1. As is my usual concern, did any of my money go to this research study?

2. Please do not say to yourself later ‘Amy’s blog told me to walk backwards down the stairs holding a cup of coffee and now I have a broken hip and 3rd degree burns.’  I am only passing along what I read, not condoning any specific method for holding coffee.

3. Can this researcher take the time to find the most scientifically efficient way for Monica to hold her mimosa and not spill it?

Beautiful Lake Bob

Are any of you familiar with Beautiful Lake Bob?  Somewhere near Baker City, Oregon there is a large pond.  There’s a cute farmhouse and a large puddle, really.  The only reason that I mention this is that there is also a huge sign that says “Beautiful Lake Bob”.  I find it hilarious.  Each time that Tom and I drive by it, I always want to stop and take a picture with it and the sign.  Driving back home on Saturday we finally did stop and take a picture.  Tom says we won’t ever have a pond (which I understand), but if for some reason we ever do, you can bet that it’ll have a sign, Beautiful Lake Bobby.

Beautiful Lake Bob

Energy Drink Wagon

I’m several years clean from energy drinks.  I actually had a partner who I worked with at my first law enforcement agency who refused to work with me if I had drank an energy drink.  Tom and I had to drive about 6 or 7 hours at night last week.  Since we were starting on the trip after he had been in training all day, I got us each an energy drink.

Here is a glimpse into our car:

Me: what city is this?
Tom: “Pennelton” (Pendleton)
Me: you don’t pronounce the D?
Tom: no one in America pronounces it unless you’re a dork.
Me: you mean ork?
Tom: you’re never having a Monster again.


Coffee Thief

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday and hopefully you won’t get your coffee stolen by a goat.







  1. Good lord you never cease to amaze me! This made me laugh out loud in a quiet room with 3 other dispatchers…… ‘Amy’s blog told me to walk backwards down the stairs holding a cup of coffee and now I have a broken hip and 3rd degree burns.’ LOVE IT! Thanks for the smile today. 🙂

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  2. madrenellie says

    Hard to choose a favorite day. …..Tuesday laughs and we’ll huh’s or Sunday brain gym, which bob now plays with me


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