Be My Best, Sir

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Deep Thoughts About POTS

Carter has been doing Karate this summer and last week he had parents night so Tom got to participate too.  I tried to tell him how he could look really cool if I was his partner because we’d barely get through stretching and I’d pass out.  I figured all of the other kids would be impressed with a knockout.

As we were driving to karate Tom asked what activities they would get to do.  Carter explained that they get to play dodgeball, kids against parents.  Tom and I both said in unison:


That was only for the last few minutes though.  First came stretching, pushups and work for the upcoming test.

During stretching the instructor asked Carter a question and the whole interaction made me giggle.

Instructor: Carter, you gonna beat your dad up?

Carter: Yep!

Instructor: Good luck, bud.


You can always tell who the cop’s kid is when his partner says, “hands up” and rather than putting them up in a guard position in front of his face he does this…

karate 2

Overall, I really enjoyed watching the Tom and Carter show.

One of my favorite parts of his class though is at the very beginning.  Before even starting, the instructor yells what are you going to do today, and each child bows and yells, “Be My Best, Sir”.

What a simple mantra.  Be My Best.  Not Be THE Best.  Not His Best or Her Best.

Just Be My Best.  All too often I find myself trying to be someone else’s best.  Or even worse, trying to be my healthy-self’s best, which is just setting myself up for failure.  In fact, even though my body has been operating one way for almost a year, I still compare myself to something that is no longer attainable.

I think I’ll be borrowing that little phrase and using it in my day to day life.  Some days my best will include walking to the mailbox and completing all of my exercises at physical therapy.  Some days my best will include oxygen and struggling to get dressed.

But I will always be my best whatever my best is in that moment and for that day.

Whatever you do today, be your best.

oxygen relax




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