My Everest

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Deep Thoughts About POTS / Smile Makers

An average day for me is filled with challenges, just like everyone else’s.  You might be working to meet a deadline at work or studying to pass a big test.  Maybe you are training for an upcoming race or working to rebuild a relationship with someone.  Challenges come in all shapes and sizes.

My daily challenges might appear less impressive to some, yet they are still valid and hold merit.  Why? Because they are difficult for me.  I choose to keep trying and I don’t give up.

Would you tell a child who struggles with an activity that their task is not a real challenge just because you can do it simply?  I hope not.

Anyways, I just thought I would mention that stairs are my Everest.  Almost every time as I say to myself ‘you are my Everest’ I think of Joey eating the giant turkey.


my everest gif

Remember that everyone is facing challenges and battles of their own.  Be kind to others.  Don’t give up on your dreams when you get the urge to respond House-like.

house gold star


  1. I love the title and feelings of this post. I relate to all of it. Its crazy the small minute things that become either triumphs or things that are impossible. I never would’ve believed you 5 years ago if you told me “One day just putting on shoes will be impossible or one day you will have to take morphine to just shave your legs”. I am so grateful that my support system validates when I do something small but important.


    • Helpful support is so big! I follow and read from so many people who don’t have it and I just couldn’t imagine. I hear ya! I’m always impressed with anyone who successfully completes leg shaving yoga, however it occurs! 🙂


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