I’d Like to Introduce You to Eli

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I want to introduce you to my friend, Eli.  I used to work with Eli’s dad and am blessed to call his mom my friend.  Mr. Eli is four years old.  He has spent a large portion of his four years of life in the hospital with heart surgeries and other complications.  He is a St. Jude mechanical mitral valve recipient.  Following Eli’s last heart surgery in August 2015, his pharmacy wrongly substituted one of his medications for an adult dose of an adult medication. Eli spent his birthday in the hospital following the error, and is now showing signs of kidney damage because of it.

Eli is also the youngest anti-coagulation patient in our county.  His mom explains that every time he goes into the clinic he is the youngest by around 60 or 70 years and flirts with all the little ladies.  He was shocked after his first visit to find out that they had no stickers or fun bandaids.

Here is a little excerpt from his mom explaining some of the health concerns on a regular basis that they face with Eli.  “With Eli’s valve, not only do we have to constantly worry about him getting sick, because bacteria easily grow on artificial valves.. and then there’s the stroke risk, which is HUGE for mechanical mitral valves.. but then, because he is on Coumadin, a seemingly minor bump or bruise for a normal child will result in internal bleeding or a bump to the head, could be deadly.”

He brings a smile to everyone’s face as he walks through life.  In fact, last Fall, after my hospital visit and in between his, he came to visit me and brought me flowers, which he picked out himself with great care.  Here’s a picture from that day.

eli 2

One of his nurses in Seattle nominated him for the Make a Wish program and today was his surprise wish reveal party.  He was truly excited and I loved the joy on his face when Spiderman showed up.

Eli 3

His wish is to go to Hawaii with his family and stay at the Disney Aulani Resort.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.  No family is more deserving of a getaway together to be able to relax and make memories!  I sure hope that the resort is aware that royalty will be arriving soon and that they treat them all as such.

eli 5

I also just wanted to briefly show you my stats after being wheeled to the car and standing up to get in it.  In case any of you are wondering but didn’t want to ask, this is a big part of why I get so fatigued and tired.  My body frequently thinks I’m running a marathon.  Keep in mind, this is me medicated too.

eli 6 stats

Lastly, I just couldn’t write a post about Eli without sharing this video of him from last year.  He is just so joyful and such an inspiration.  We could all stand to live a bit more like Eli.

You can follow along with Eli’s story here: https://www.facebook.com/LoveForEli/?fref=ts

They also have a go fund me page to help with medical and travel expenses here: https://www.gofundme.com/3b5ngb53b5n

Most of all, please keep this precious child and his family in your prayers.


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