Where in the World is…

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Smile Makers

Carmen San Diego?

carmen sandiego

Who remembers Carmen?  We used to watch the TV show and we played the computer game.  All I really learned was that bad guys have trench coats full of watches.  If you ever played, you know what I’m talking about.

cheyenne carmen

Plus, hey look!  That’s Cheyenne Frontier Days.  I’ve been there now!

If you remember this game and you miss it, apparently you can download it for free here.  I haven’t done it yet so I’m not sure if it’s some kind of internet trap, but it doesn’t appear to be at first look.


As much as I enjoyed trying to track down Carmen Sandiego, I also enjoy tracking my blog and seeing where it is being read around the world.  I plugged in all of the countries on this map that have viewed my blog in the month of August so far.

aug 2016 countries

The top ten for August is:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Philippines
  7. Malaysia
  8. Cambodia
  9. Russia
  10. Serbia

Plus, watch out Jeopardy, I just reviewed geography!

Lastly, who knew about this secret relationship?

carmen and waldo

I can’t show Waldo without mentioning one of my favorite husband/wife dispatch stories ever.  Once upon a time I was working the radio while Tom was out patrolling on Halloween.  He checked out with someone and here’s how it went:

Tom: Control, 541 I’ll be out with Waldo.

Me: 541, your location? (in my snotty-ish ‘ummm are you crazy’ tone, because he never forgot to give out a location)

Tom: Confirming you want to know where’s Waldo?

Me: Affirm (laughing)

Well played.  It was a once in a lifetime.


  1. rasm47 says

    And that’s why I like him… Because he’s always able to think one step ahead of you… LOL


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