Call from the Doc & a Rough Night

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Some days just start out bad.  Yesterday morning after I did my makeup sitting down my heart rate was 146.  That should have been my clue that it was gonna be a rough day health-wise.

I was doing pretty well through lunch time and early afternoon.  I was out on the front porch with the dogs and goats and wanted to fill up their water bowl.  There was a hose hooked up to the faucet and I had to unscrew the hose.  I was bending down in the sun to achieve this.  By the time I stood back up, the symptoms started hitting me almost instantaneously.

I got to my seat on the couch with a big glass of water.  Everything started getting spinny and dizzy.  Nausea hit hard.  I didn’t move from that spot until Tom got home and could help me walk to the bathroom.  I used oxygen and started chugging Gatorade.  The only cold one we had was lemon lime.  Worst flavor ever.  I am glad they kept making flavors and didn’t just stop at that one.  I whined about it on Facebook which worked out to my favor because my Monica brought me cold yummy Gatorade flavors and a banana slurpee!

It was great.  Then I projectile vomited banana slurpee everywhere.  That was less great.

When people say they wish they could be like me and not have to work and just sit on the couch all day, I feel like they sometimes forget to include the spinning rooms, dizziness and lightheadedness, headaches, tremors, near constant leg and arm pain, projectile vomit, and needing help with the simplest task of walking to the bathroom.

sad amy

The doctor called me yesterday.  Not a nurse or receptionist, the doctor herself.  She started by saying, “I just wanted to call you personally to discuss your lab results.” ******** cue panic*********

Evidently, my vitamin D levels are not increasing the way they should be based on the giant doses I am taking.  She said my body is not absorbing the vitamin.  Apparently the fix for this is to drink 1 oz. of this stuff half an hour before I take my vitamin D and it should help me to absorb it.  She did not describe the drink in a very appetizing way, so that sounds like fun… or more vomit.  One or the other.

BTW, here’s a glimpse of my nightstand.  It makes me laugh occasionally.  Gatorade, Gatorade, Gatorade, water bottle, glass of Gatorade with ice, Kindle fire, and crackers.

night stand

Oh, and please let me just clear it up for you.  There is no magic pressure point to take away nausea.  Stop saying that.

Last night was also the first time that my core got too hot and air conditioning and fan didn’t work enough.  We slept in the basement guest room last night.  I think the dogs must think we’re crazy with all the moving around where we sleep… and by sleep I mean wander on the internet with small naps off and on.

Ok, that was a lot of whining.  I don’t mean to whine by the way, I just want to make sure that I do accurately portray what this condition can be like.  Please understand that I am happy and I think I have the best life of anyone around, but it wouldn’t be fair to never mention the projectile banana slurpee vomit.

Also, look at this meme.  This made my morning.  Gotta love Bolt.


Here’s to today being much better!  I hope y’all have a great day and stay cool and hydrated!  PS mom, we might come visit you and your air conditioning today!


  1. Crystal says

    Dear Amy,
    I just wanted to share with you what helped my vitamin D levels go up. Perhaps you have tried this already but it was on my heart to share it with you. My levels were 22 (not horrible) but now they are anywhere between 60 to 70. I take superior source extra strength D3 5,000IU instant dissolve tablets that you put under your tongue. Since they are sublingual they bypass your digestive system (I deal with nausea everyday as well). I buy them at Whole Foods. Perhaps this is something you can ask your Doctor about.

    Thank you for your posts, I enjoy reading them. I suffer with chronic fatigue and POTS (although mine is different than yours) and I’m bed ridden a lot lately. Your an inspiration. Please keep sharing the hard days as well as your wonderful humor. Your in my prayers.


    • I’m so sorry to hear you are bedridden a bunch lately. I sure hope it swings the opposite way soon! Thanks for sharing about the sublingual idea. I’m gonna try this new plan out and if it doesn’t work or I can’t tolerate the drink first, I’ll be asking about that next. Thank you for the prayers! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in this battle! Hope you get some good day soon!! 🙂


  2. Eek, that is so rough Amy!!! I’m so sorry it was such a rough day!! I am curious about the drink you’re going to have to have with your vitamin D. Doctor drinks tend to be awful, but I hope this one tastes good!! This part of your post was also upsetting to me: “When people say they wish they could be like me and not have to work and just sit on the couch all day…” Those people need a stern talking to.

    Your fight for joy and gratitude even in the midst of a really awful day are so inspiring.

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  3. Ugh I am so sorry. I have gastroparesis so nausea is something I deal with every day sometimes all day. I don’t metabolize most anti-emetics properly so for a long time NOTHING helped my nausea. Ive found that hydroxyzine and marinol work REALLY well for my nausea. It might be worth checking into them to see if you could use these meds for episodes like this. Hang in there ❤

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